How is the performance of BMW 5 Series?

By: Divyadhar on 2015-21-01

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BMW is yet another relaible and worthy german brand after Audi (my personal favourite) and BMW 5-Series clearly reflects how much potential the company engineers have. Exterior appearance is not that much attractive but when we talk about performance, it steals the show. Everything about performance - whether the impeccable engine, easy to drive ability, or the fair mileage number - is awesome. So If you vouch to buy an executive sedan with stunning looks and stellar performance then, undeniaby, BMW 5-Series is the car as you are buying car to sprint it, not just for showing-off.

Sonal Gupta 2015-21-01

Among the BMW 5 series segment of cars such as Audi and Mecedes models, BMW has the most luxuries interiors and performance wise it beats other cars, not only in mileage but also in engine specifications and acceleration. It comes with 3.0-litres 258bhp 24V Diesel Engine which capable of generating maximum power of 258bhp@4000rpm units with maximum peak torque of 540Nm@1500-3000rpm and engine displacement is 2993cc. If you're looking for all in all a driver's car then your definitely talking about BMW 5 Series. It can cross 0 - 100kmph in just 5.8 seconds.

Amisha 2015-12-02

The German car maker has come up with a very reliable and great car model. The car is a proof that BMW has employed skilled and efficient engineers, who have put in all their best efforts. When you are looking for a car that is good at the looks, and great in performance, this car has the best combo. This is awesome when it comes to performance, the car offers great performance.

Misha 2015-17-06

Potential engineers have designed the car to offer the best in class performance. The performance steals the show, and people even forget that the interiors too are worth when they have a mind-blowing performance. The car can be driven easily even at low speeds. The fuel economy is great, and the looks too are stunning. The stellar performance is great even in the uneven roads. Impeccable driving is what you can expect.

Rahul 2015-19-06

If you are looking for the strengths of the BMW 5 series, then seriously you can never miss the performance. This is one area, where the car out does all the others in the market. You can enjoy impeccable and effortless driving even on uneven roads, and when the speeds are higher and lower. The engine specs and acceleration assure that the car offers what you would love to enjoy from a luxury sedan.

Ronit 2015-22-06

The luxurious interiors are not only that you need to see in the BMW 5 series. Of course, they are alluring, but the performance is the great. The specs and acceleration of the engine can not only best in offering the best mileage, but also impeccable driving can be got. The peak torque is 540 NM @ 1500 to 3000 rpm. The car can go to 0 to 100 km per hour in 5.8 seconds.

Mohan 2015-24-06

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