What are the safe driving precautions for a novice driver?

By: Nagarj dongre on 2018-14-06

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Here are some of my suggestions that a novice driver needs to be kept in mind: • First of all, get comfortable with the car before driving it, learn how clutch, brake and accelerator pedals operate, and also understand the gear arrangement. Ensure that you sit correctly with your back straight and your knees should not be stretched too much when pedaling the car. • Wear seat belts and also ask your passengers to do so. • Adjust the rear view and side view mirrors, the side mirror should be adjusted in a way so that they show you the blind spots better. • While driving, avoid distractions like attending mobile phone calls while you are driving. • Don’t over speed and follow the rules of the road. • Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. • Remember to use turn signals as it helps save a lot of mishaps on the road. • Never shift to lower gears at a higher speed. • Always let your car come to a stop before you switch to reverse gear.

Neeraj Singh 2018-14-06

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