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10 Features your used car must have

10 Features your used car must have

Snapshot: There are a lot of used car options that you can go with. Here is the list of essential features that you should definitely have.

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In the present times, when everything is becoming highly expensive and economic conditions are unstable, many people don’t wish to spend a fortune on a new car. However, personal cars have now become an essential part of the modern lifestyle and one can’t deny the convenience and time saving aspects of personal transportation. Nevertheless, one can easily get all the conveniences related to a new car while paying a lot less, if one can get hold of a good quality pre-owned or used car.

The used car market is an immense space and it is actually much larger than the new car market. With time, the used car market is becoming even bigger as many first time buyers are going for pre-owned cars instead of brand new ones. While there are many reliable sources from which one can buy good quality used cars, it is also important that the cars offer the right kind of features to meet your requirements and offer you an overall pleasant car ownership experience.

While there are innumerable features that one might want to look for while choosing a used car, here are the 10 most useful and important things that a used car should have when you consider buying it:

1. Comfortable seats

This is the most basic and also very important feature to look for while buying a pre-owned car. A car drive cannot be enjoyed if its seats are not comfortable and this is true for both the driver and the passengers. While a driver can’t drive in peace if the seats are not comfortable, the other occupants will also feel the discomfort especially during longer drives. It is important that you check for comfortable as well as well supportive seats while buying a pre-owned car to ensure that it will provide pleasant and comfortable rides. Check the driver’s as well as passengers’ seat by spending around 15 minutes on them to check their comfort and support level.

2. Electrically height adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support

As you will be spending most of the time on the driver’s seat, it is good to ensure that the seat offers good support to ensure a fatigue-less driving experience. Power height adjustable driver’s seat is great as this can be fine tune more accurately than the manual seats. Power adjustment can help you find the most comfortable driving position. Moreover, lumbar support is also highly important long-term driving comfort. The lumbar support or bulge should be in the right places to offer optimum support and comfort to the driver which can considerably reduce the fatigue arising from driving for a long time. So, check this feature in the used car you are looking to buy, if you are going to drive considerably every day.

3. Keyless Entry

This is one convenience that can make a huge difference in the quality of car ownership. Imagine a situation when your hands are full with lots of luggage, shopping bags, your babies, or office files. You obviously find it irritating trying to open the door of the car in such situations. Opening your car’s doors with a smart-key is simply very convenient, and thus Keyless Entry is a feature that you should consider. Most cars with keyless entry also offer pushbutton start feature which is again very convenient.

4. Air Conditioning System or Automatic Climate Control

A good quality air conditioning system is a must have in all cars, as this keep all the occupants comfortable through changing climate conditions. Things get even better if you have Automatic Climate Control that this offers much better fine tuned temperature settings. Simply set it in the auto mode and forget about it and the climate control system will automatically make the required adjustments as per the changing temperatures to keep the car interior comfortable.

5. Triple Turn Indicator

Another highly useful feature that is very beneficial especially while changing lanes. Once you start using this feature, it will eventually become very evident to you that it does make changing lanes much easier. This indicator flashes 3 times sending alerts to other drivers that your changing the lane.

6. Both side ORVMs

Both side ORVMs or wing mirrors is very important which should be made a standard feature in all cars. This is very important to increase visibility and safer drive.

7. Power Windows

Power Windows might seem to be a luxury and not necessity, but these are very important as well. The driver or the passengers might need to roll the window up and down quickly at times which is not possible with manual windows. This feature is especially important for the driver, as it also avoids distracted driving and offer fast and convenient window operation.

8. Fog Lamps

Fog lamps are especially meant for foggy conditions, when visibility is poor. This is thus a safety feature which ensures safe driving with proper visibility even during foggy, highly dusty or misty driving conditions. The fog lamps offer visibility on the sides of a vehicle to reduce the risk of accidents due to poor visibility.

9. Rearview Camera

This works like a safety device both for you and your car. A rearview camera can get rid of all the trouble associated with reversing your car. With this feature, instead of turning back and straining your eyes to check if there are any obstacles behind the car or asking others to help you while trying to reverse and park the car in a tight spot, you can simply look at the screen of the rearview camera to safely and conveniently reverse and park your car without bumping on something hidden from your view.

10. Air bags

This is one of most crucial car safety features and a must have for your safety. While high-end variants offer a complete package of air bags for the safety of all the occupants on the event of a collision, you can also find the crucial front dual air bags even on the base models of many used cars.

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