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10 Tips To Prevent Car Theft

10 Tips To Prevent Car Theft

Snapshot: Car theft is a reality that we more often get to hear about from our relatives and friends. It's a harsh reality of which we can be victims too. Here are few tips that would help you secure your car!

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Car theft is a harsh reality and happens very frequently in urban spaces, but one deals with it only as it happens. Your car may come equipped with engine immobiliser, is may not be enough to protect your car from theft. While your car insurance covers you in case of theft if you have a comprehensive policy, but why go through the trouble when you can keep your car safe by observing some very basic tips.

So what all you can do to protect it from thieves, we have prepared a list for the same.

Park in a safe area

While out for shopping or for any other reason, ensure that you park your car only in well-populated and well-lit areas. It’s unlikely that anyone would try to steal a car where other people can see it.    

Maintain your car and keep it clean

No one cares to look at a person tampering with a car that’s not clean and well-kept. One is likely to think that there’s something probably wrong with the car and the person is probably repairing. It just makes an easy steal.

Get a gear Lock

Any gear lock mechanism that secures the gear lever is one sure way of keeping thieves at bay. It would act as a deterrent and is most likely to discourage the thieves.

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Get a steering lock

Most cars come with an engine immobiliser, which itself is a deterrent. However, it may not keep an experienced thief at bay. So the idea is to have multiple layers of deterrence that can discourage thieves. A steering lock adds one more string layer of security.

Rent a garage / secure parking space

It sure is a pipe dream to have an enclosed parking space if you live in a metro city like Delhi, Mumbai etc. To the ones who can afford it and have an expensive ride it sure it an option worth considering that can be a really strong deterrent.

Don’t leave valuables in car

Most thieves that steal cars do so for a particular purpose and have clear criteria that define their preference. To a road side thief though, a car with valuables like wrist watch, laptop etc. is going to entice more than the one that does not carry these items.

Leave the parking brake 'ON'

A thieve may not necessarily break into your car and steal it. It’s likely that someone may directly tow it away if seen in a secluded area. Apply the parking brake and lock the steering wheel all the way to one end towards the curb, this would make it hard to steal.

Keep the car locked and windows rolled up

This is an obvious one, but most people forget to lock their cars and in summers keep the window partially open. It only welcomes the thief making it an even easier affair.  

Use STICKER that says – My car is protected

Find an optimum location in your car for a security sticker. Whether your car has it or not, it surely is one sure shot way of keeping thieves at bay and makes your car look like a tough nut to crack.

Don’t leave the car keys inside the car or under door mat

Leaving your car keys under the doormat or inside the car defeats the purpose that the key or the engine immobiliser serves. If someone has been eyeing your car, they are likely to notice where you hide the keys of your prized possession.

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