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2016 Recap - Best and most inexpensive car features

2016 Recap - Best and most inexpensive car features

Snapshot: As we enter the 2017, we look back at some of the most inexpensive and best features that were the part of cars launched in 2016.

As the technology evolves, technologically advanced products gets cheaper and cheaper. We have seen this in the case of most of the automobile technologies, which are now easier to afford and hence are part of almost all the cars today.  So we decided to give a look at some of these technologies which have evolved over the years and now cost much cheaper than the previous years. Basically, an increasing number of safety and convenience features are coming standard or at significantly reduced prices.

Here's a list of the best and most wallet-friendly car features of 2016!

Smart Key       

Smart keys, or Start/ Stop button is a technology that has found its way in most of the cars above Rs 5 lakhs today. With this intelligent key design, you can enter your car or start/ stop your car without using the key itself. A key fob of the smart key remains in your pocket and unlocks the door when you arrive near the car or locks the car when you move far from the car. Similarly, if you have a key fob with you, you can press the ignition button to start/ stop the car. A smart key has proved to be extremely useful for drivers who have their hands full all the time.

Reverse Parking Camera

Reverse parking camera is the next step in the safety and is an upgrade over the reverse parking sensors. While it's easier to fit your car with the reverse sensors, a parking camera requires a screen where you can see the action taking place. Now-a-days most of the cars are equipped with an infotainment system with a touchscreen, which doubles as a screen to check the parking in tight spaces. All you need is a camera installed in the bumper and connected to the screen. As soon as you put the car in the reverse gear, the screen switches its view and turns into a video monitoring screen.

Driving Assists

While some may argue over the affordability part, but the driving assists systems are becoming a part of the cars more rapidly than any other change. The basic idea of driving assists is to automatically change settings of the car to make it safer. It may not be the autonomous driving, but small things like adjusting headlights, or emergency braking are also part of the driving assists system. One of the popular functions of this technology is the lane departure system which warns the driver and automatically corrects the course if the driver departs from the designated lane. These systems are the basic premise on how the autonomous cars will work.

Connected Infotainment systems

Infotainment system connected to a mobile, enabling the driver to use mobile apps and mobile programs is what the connected infotainment system is. Service providers like Apple CarPlay and Google Android App helps the user to connect the phone to the system and control it using the system. You can listen to music, call your loved ones, use navigation and even search data using search engines.

Automatic lights

One of the advanced feature that has started to make its way in most of the cars is the automatic lights function. The automatic lights feature, when turned on, analyzes the light conditions outside and adjusts the lights accordingly. This helps the driver concentrate purely on driving. Some of the more advanced forms of automatic lights also also adjusts the intensity of light according to the traffics coming from the front in the opposite direction.

Heated Seats

It may sound like a small feature or unnecessary function, but in places where there's a lot of cold, heated seats can actually do wonders. Earlier, heated seats used to be an expensive feature, but many manufacturers are now offering heated seats as a standard feature even in cars as low as Rs 10 lakhs. The feature can be extended for convenience in a form that you can remotely turn on the heated seats, so that when you enter the car, you will get them warm and comfortable.

Here's more about the best of 2016!

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