4 Master Tricks to Protect Your Motorcycle's Paint

4 Master Tricks to Protect Your Motorcycle's Paint

Snapshot: Protecting the paint isn't a rocket science. It takes a bit of time and patience, but surely you’ll be able to spare that much for your prized possession!

Owning a motorcycle isn't just about showing it off to your neighbors. You can ride all you like to but at the end of the day you've got to give it time and care if you wish to see the exteriors shine as well as it did when you had proudly brought it home for the first time. Protecting the paint isn't rocket science. It takes a bit of time and patience, but surely you’ll be able to spare that much for your prized possession!

#1. Keep it covered
If you want the paint to look new every time to ride your bike then it’s important that you start with the basics. No amount of wax or polish or cleaning will be able to protect your motorcycle if you haven’t kept it covered. Search for a parking with a shade over it and if that’s not possible then get a parking cover for your motorcycle so that you don’t have to keep cleaning it all the time. Of course, when you’re in a hurry you’d want your bike to be spick and span and not covered by dirt and dust. So, to keep it that way, get a good cover for your bike.



#2. Keep it clean

At times it may so happen that even if you have kept your bike covered, extreme weather conditions have caused some amount of dirt and muck to accumulate overnight, so what do you do in that case? You need to clean it off as otherwise it may cause scratches on the exteriors and take off the paint before time. So, you need to keep of the grime so that the paint doesn't wear off anytime soon. Give your bike regular washes followed by waxing routine so that the shine remains.



#3. Treating Scratches

Then comes the day, while caressing the paint and cleaning off those disgusting insect remains and road grime, you discover not one, but several nicks in the paint or headlight.  Maybe even a scratch. OH NO, you cry out. This can’t be happening! 

Though scratches are inevitable, there’s one thing that you can do to save your bike from these unwanted elements. Get a transparent film and put it on your bike after cutting in the suitable shapes. This will protect the paint from scratches. 



#4. Wax regularly to Keep it shining

Washing is not enough if you want to see the glitter for a long time to come. You also need to polish the paint after wash so that the shine remains intact. A good layer of polish will do wonders to ward off all the dirt and dust as they will not be able to stick on the surface and the paint gets saved from all the unfavorable conditions. Apart from that you can also use dashboard polish if you wish to give the matt plastic parts a good polish as well. Wax, wash, cover, polish - all these are essential if you wish to see your motorcycle’s paint remain as good as new for as long as possible. And, this should be done on a regular basis so that the effect is visible. After all, you wouldn't want your bike’s glamour to be shadowed by a few specks of muck and dust now, would you? So, your mantra to protect the paint would be to keep it clean and polished at all times!  



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