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5 Common mistakes while buying used cars

5 Common mistakes while buying used cars

Snapshot: Getting a good deal on a used car is no less than finding a fortune. However, are five thing that you should definitely look out for before buying a used car.

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Used car market is huge and is getting more popular with the passage of time. This is because the first time buyers or even the second time car buyers are getting more options ranging from basic car models to luxury models at much affordable tags. Cars depreciate very quickly, and thus, many car owners who have good quality and performing cars also sell off their cars for very less in order to buy something new or better in the market. This means one can even buy a near brand new car for a much lower price, and this is what makes the used or pre-owned cars so very attractive for the buyers.

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However, buying used cars can be much more complicated than buying a new car from a showroom. Thus, the prospective buyers of a used have to be much more careful and aware when actually making a purchase, or they may end up buying a big trouble.    

Making a mistake while buying a used car can be very annoying and troublesome, as it can put into lots of problems while owning the car while also cost you a lot of money in repairs and servicing. This will generally mean that you will end up with unnecessary hassles and a bad ownership experience on the whole, if you are not careful enough to avoid the common mistakes that the used car buyers usually make while making a buy.

Thus, it is necessary to be fully aware of all the mistakes that the buyers of the used cars make in order to avoid them and save yourself from all the trouble and expenses. So, here is a list of the 5 most common mistakes that the buyers make while purchasing used cars:

Not checking vehicle history report

Well, most buyers going for a used car know that checking the vehicle history report is a must to know what exactly you are getting and is it really worth the asking price. However, there can be some very careless people around who wouldn’t even know what a vehicle history report is. Checking this is a must thing, as you do want to know everything that the car has gone through such as accidents, being immersed flood water, massive repairs, was it a single hand operated car or used to be handled by many drivers as a rental car, the exact kilometers that it had gorged on and so on. Thus, the vehicle history report is a crucial thing for transparent information.

However, while most car dealers will have the vehicle history report available for the customers to check on before finalizing any deal, but many private sellers might not have it on offer. So be careful about it.

Not checking the vehicle inspection report

Getting a pre-owned car fully inspected is another must. If the car is inspected, you can simply check its inspection report which any car dealer should be having available. In case the dealer doesn’t have it, either you should walk away or get the car checked at your expense from a professional mechanic.

When buying a used car from a private seller, you should just go with your own mechanic or get it checked at a professional workshop while taking it out on a test drive, which is also in the must to do list. While this might take a bit of your time and money, but it will be saving you lots of trouble and money after you buy the car.

Not considering fuel efficiency

It is a common mistake on the pre-owned car buyers to ignore the fuel consumption of a car they are buying. Some buyers really start their hunt for a good used car that offers good fuel efficiency, but then often forget about their requirement and take home a fuel gorging vehicle, such as a tough but low mileage returning SUV.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore a vehicle’s mileage rating when fuel is so expensive, considering that older vehicles will always have more problems as compared against brand new ones, it is best to go for fuel economical vehicle models, so that you have an overall economical car ownership experience.

Not going for certified pre-owned vehicles

Many buyers prefer to opt for private sellers such as some acquaintances or friends. However, it is best to go for certified used cars. These used vehicles go through a thorough mechanical inspection irrespective of their make and model or number of kilometers covered. All certified used cars come with full transparent information about the car’s condition. They also get fully repaired where needed before they are put up for sale and they come with authentic vehicle history report. These cars fully certified pre-owned cars also come with extended manufacturer warranty and lots of other benefits, which no private seller can ever offer. Yes, the certified used cars generally carry more expensive tags than those sold be private sellers or dealers, but then you get the full satisfaction of knowing that the car you are buying is actually worth the money you are paying, and there’s no hidden trouble.

Not comparing

In the age when everything is ruled by the internet, why would you consider buying something without comparing? There several used car websites that one can visit before actually zeroing down on a particular used car model. Comparing the various pricing of different cars as per their age and make will give you proper idea of how much a used car should actually cost you, and whether a seller is asking justified amount for a particular used car.  There are also various comparison tools online which offer great comparisons.

While certified used cars are highest priced, other dealer prices are little lesser, and private sellers offer the least asking price. However, the price tag is not the most important while buying a used car; it is the real knowledge about the car and the better value. While dealers always offer more value to the buyers than the private sellers, the fully certified used car showrooms offers the safest and the best cared for vehicles by minimizing the risks of buying a used car to the least.

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