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6 Main tips to ready your motorcycle for the Summer Heat

6 Main tips to ready your motorcycle for the Summer Heat

Snapshot: Its summer time and your bike needs special care to fight the heat. Read on to know all important things that needs to be done to your bike.

Summer is here and the heat is already knocking on the doors and temperature in the capital city is already touching near 39 degrees in just the 1st week of April. With this change in weather it’s not only your body that needs to be prepared for the summer heat but also your motorcycle. A bike’s overall behaviour is changed according to the temperature it is being ridden in. So we have shortlisted some of the most important tips to prepare your motorcycle for the summers.

1. Change/top-up your coolant –

One of the most important things to do if you ride a liquid-cooled motorcycle is drain the coolant that is being piped in your radiator at the moment because with time it loses its heat absorption properties and instead of behaving like cooling liquid it acts like normal tap water. You wouldn’t want that in your radiator will you? This change of coolant will help your bike shield against the rising heat with quicker cooling.

2. Check your tyre pressure (Recommended switching to nitrogen air)-

The rising temperature leads to expansion of elements, be it solid, liquid or gas. So when you are at the station topping up your tyres remember to keep your tyre pressure 1-2 units down the recommended unit. Your will often hear of reports stating tyres bursting up in middle of the roads especially during the summer times. This is because of expansion of air in tyres that occurs during high temperature afternoons. We strongly recommend you could go for nitrogen for your tyres, because compared to the normal air, Nitrogen keeps the tyre temperature stable and does not allow tyres to expand beyond their limits, hence, more safe in summers.

3. Ensure radiator fan functioning-

Again if you have a ride which has liquid cooled system in it, the first thing you should take close notice of is that your radiator fan should be working properly. We often don’t pay attention while washing our ride, a strong water splash or high pressure water streamline can easily damage the radiator fan and disturb the functioning of the cooling system. So keep this check on priority and avoid pointing high pressure water flow directly at the radiator fan.

4. Tyre treads are very important-

In summers, roads are comparatively hotter than in winters. The result is greater grip but faster fading away of rubber. The rate at which your tyres get worn out in summers is considerably more, thus it is important to keep a regular check on your tyre treads in case you are approaching the end of the tyres life.

5. Avoid topping-off fuel tank-

Like we mentioned earlier, high temperature results in the expansion of liquid and so it is recommended that you never brim your tank to the neck as the fuel will expand in high heat and may overflow in case you park the bike under direct sun. Keep your vehicle parked under full shed parking as it will not only protect your paint’s shine but also will keep your bums from getting roasted from the heat absorbed by the bike’s seat.

6. Clean your engine’s fins (air-cooled motorcycles)-

The formation that you generally see on air-cooled/oil-cooled engines is made for a particular reason, it is so dissipate as much heat as possible. When the bike is not cleaned properly, or the fins are dirty it doesn’t allows the air to pass through them and hence the engine heats up significantly. So keep this portion clean during summers to avoid your engine becoming an oven and roast your legs.  

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