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6 reasons why you should date a biker

6 reasons why you should date a biker

Snapshot: Motorcyclists are adventurists, they are free, they dare to explore the unknown, they will take you to places you will fall in love with. They are swashbucklers!

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Motorcyclists are coolest and friendliest beings you would meet around. They are adventure seekers, they know more about complexities of real life and they unwind themselves by twisting the throttle and not by intoxicating themselves! Bikers are always up for anything and everything life has to throw at them. We have tried to summarize few points below that will give you a clearer idea why bikers make the best boyfriends!

1. He’s always on an adventure and he will take you along on the next one!

Well motorcycling has always been seen as a way relishing freedom and setting on an adventure. Whenever you see a motorcyclist all geared up and carrying all his luggage packed tightly on panniers you must have wondered that he is on an adventure right? Ever wondered the same for a car guy?

Motorcyclists are naturally considered to be adventurists and dating a biker means that you are going to experience a lot of things that you haven’t seen yet in your life. You’ll get to see the life through a different viewpoint and through a different prospective. The human race was born to travel & explore, it was not born to settle at a place, have kids and die. It is said that life is like a book and if you don’t travel you stay on the same page. And one of the kind of people who can take you to the closest of this feeling of being free is a biker who travels a lot.

You will learn to take the life as it comes. You will get to explore the world differently from the predefined standards, out of the hotel rooms, under the clear night full of stars and away from almost everyone you’ve known. He will take you to places which are hard to reach on anything else, such places where nature’s aura can be felt only on motorcycles and nothing else can close to match the rush and the changes your soul will go through when experiencing this. You will become a complete, a better person!

2. Nothing can match the look he carries when he’s all geared up!

Well, hard-core bikers keep themselves fit in general to handle the bikes the best they can. And they look alluring on their machines. Once they are in their riding suits, I bet, nothing can come close. Motorcycles and leathers makes the best combo that is literally impossible to ignore. Not only this, when you are riding along he will make sure that you too are geared up properly and this will make you look good. And yes girls in leather jackets, helmets and boots look extremely attractive.

3. It’s so damn easy to decide a gift for him!

Nothing makes them as happy as buying or getting new motorcycle gears and accessories. And yes motorcyclists spend half of their life time hopping from one website to another trying to find the gears that matches them the most. You won’t have to spend hours trying to find the perfect gift for him, just figure out what biking gear he’s trying to buy next. And gift it to him. Simple and you get the award for being the best girlfriend ever.

4. Bikers have the best state of mind!

Riding a bike is not an easy task. You should be physically and mentally sound to do that. A hard-core motorcyclist have sky level sense. Riding a bike fast takes the best of the mental state and you should have quick reaction time in order to stay safe on a motorcycle. Not only this, bikers naturally have good stamina that takes them to places without breaking a sweat that a non-biker simply cannot do.

5. They have the brotherhood and infinite biker friends to count on!

You don’t always see a group of cars, and maybe whenever you did they might not have been more than 5-6 cars but on the other hand, bikers enjoy riding in huge groups comprising of a large number of people. Once a biker joins a biking group he becomes another member of that biking fraternity. And other group members treat him as their brother and biker buddies are like a family and always up for anything and everything he will need. And so bikers enjoys the brotherhood and will always have countless buddies to rely on.

6. A Real Biker know how to fix his machine 

The first rule of becoming a biker is knowing how to fix at least the small issues the bikes might have when out there on a long route and a biker will understands his machine better than he will understand any human being. He will be aware about everything his bike might demand when they are out exploring the unknown. From leaks to punctures to parts falling off from the machine, he will fix almost everything and it won’t take long for you to get back on the road. and with him you will never find yourself stranded in middle of nowhere on a road trip! 

Please Note – We have used the above pictures just for the demonstration purposes, some of them comprises of parts taken from movies and in no way these pictures support the non-usage of essential riding gears like helmet. Please always wear riding gears before hopping on to a motorcycle. 

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