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8 Reasons to Ride Everyday

8 Reasons to Ride Everyday

Snapshot: Out of a thousand, we give you top 8 reasons to ride everyday!

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Do you happen to have a motorcycle but think you just don’t get a chance to ride it and you are missing it? Are you too stressed out or bored? Don’t feel bad. We give you 8 reasons that will motivate you to ride every day. So pull the veil off your bike, give it a good wash and just ride!

Keeps the senses sharp

Riding a bike not only keeps you fit just physically but mentally as well. Riding everyday keeps the mind sharp and active. Daily motorbike riding also improves mind’s reaction time just like video games do. This improves overall decision making power, concentration and judging skills which is critically important for a healthy work life.  

Keeps yourself and bike fit        

Riding a bike burns more calories compared to car driving. You are relaxed while car driving, on the other hand you have to stay alert at all times when riding a bike. Also, you sit very demandingly on a motorcycle compared to in a car and that keeps the body active and working. Also, you use more muscles while riding a motorcycle that keeps the boy fit. Riding everyday also keeps your motorcycle functional and you don’t have to worry about the dead battery or clogged up fuel system (which is what happens if you ride your bike after ages!).

Reach early/Save congestion

It takes less time to commute on a bike compared to commuting in a car (especially in India where people spend more time waiting in a traffic jam than they do anywhere else.). Riding a bike will not save your time but will also reduce congestion on road.                       

Burn less fuel

Ideally, a bike consumes much less fuel compared to a 4-wheeeler (only if you do not ride a high-end supersports that drinks more than you do!). It may not save a lot of cash for you on a single day, but on a daily basis, yes it does count.  

De-stress after a hectic day

There is a saying, “who need a therapist when there are motorcycles?” and we agree, it doesn’t matter how bad your day was, your bike will always make you feel better. Just put the key in - turn on the ignition - hear the melody from the bike exhaust system, you are feeling better already.

Make every day an adventure

Riding a fast bike is way more thrilling and adventurous than driving a car isn’t it? Imagine doing it day in and day out, every day to work, every day to school or college? Well, this will surely keep your juices flowing and your life won’t be boring, we can promise that! Every day will be an adventure and this will be bring a purpose to your riding life.

There is a feeling of freedom about riding a motorcycle that no fancy car can match!

Don’t wait for the weekends

People who ride everyday don’t have to wait for the weekend to ride their bikes. They don’t have to primarily plan for the weekend rides, they ride every day. They don’t have to feel bad if they missed a weekend ride or two, it won’t matter then, every day is a riding weekend for them.

Become a better rider

The more you ride, the better rider you become. With more experience, comes a more practical road sense that makes you a safer rider as you explore all the possible do’s and don’ts you must follow in order to stay safe.  

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