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Above and Beyond in A Land Rover

Above and Beyond in A Land Rover

Snapshot: Here is what we experienced with the mighty Land Rover Discovery Sport in the ‘Above and Beyond Tour’.

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Land Rover is a name trusted by millions of people who love to travel beyond their mundane routines. Land Rovers stepped in India 70 years ago through the British tea planters as they trusted the Series I and Series II models for their drives through the hilly regions of Assam, Northern region of West Bengal. Gone are the days, when you needed to be an extremely skillful driver even after being behind the wheel of a Land Rover. The modern Land Rovers now come packed with ultra-advanced high-end technologies that make the driving easy like buttering on bread. We got a taste of that in the ‘Above and Beyond Tour’ organized by Land Rover in Gurugram.

Even if you have a mighty SUV and you are a very skilled driver, your heart is about to skip a beat when you are given a task of driving through steep incline and decline (almost 60 degree) through a dusty and sandy terrain. But, if you are sitting at the driver seat of a Land Rover SUV, be assured that your worries are taken care of. Yes, that is what we felt when we boarded the Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE. We were accompanied by a professional instructor, but with the time passed, it looked like a cakewalk as the car itself was taking care of all the hurdles thrown at it.

As Land Rover SUVs come specially designed and built for taking the challenge of tough terrains, they are all equipped with a wide range of technologies that make the offroading easier. These technologies include the Terrain Response system, Hill Descent Control, different driving modes, standard 4WD etc. Apart from these, the design of the vehicle helps it with high ground clearance, high level of ascend and descend angles. Also, the lightweight body structure too helps the SUVs.

As we experienced in the ‘Above and Beyond Tour’, there was a carefully curated track with steep inclines, declines. Also, the track was full of sandy soil offering very little traction to the SUVs. As the SUVs were hitting the same spots one after another, the task was getting daunting one. To show the traction control, there were multiple curated ditches that were sending one or two wheels in the air during driving. However, the technologies were making the task easier.

Speaking about the Hill Descent Control, it works like a semi-autonomous driving tech. Once you set the desired speed and select the particular mode, the car itself senses the terrain and adjusts itself accordingly to drive you slowly towards the destination point with frequent braking and un-braking process. The Terrain Response system is a technology that adapts the vehicle’s engine, transmission, differentials and chassis systems to maximize the drivability, comfort and traction.

The Land Rover SUVs come with four different driving modes that are General (meant for regular on road driving), Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud/Ruts and Sand. All these different driving modes come as part of the vehicle’s Terrain Response system. What’s more interesting is the driver can select the modes by just pushing the buttons on the centre console and using the touchscreen infotainment system.

No wonder, millions of people have trusted the Land Rover vehicles for decades. With every passing day, the British automaker is improving its technologies to deliver an even better driving experience to the owners, who love to leave the roads seeking thrill of offroading. For us, it was not only fun, but a great learning session as well. To conclude, we must say, it was a day well spent with the mighty Land Rover.

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