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All we know about Tata's upcoming TAMO Sportscar

All we know about Tata's upcoming TAMO Sportscar

Snapshot: Tata Motors has announced a new sub-brand named TAMO and will unveil a prototype of the 2-seater Sportscar codenamed Futuro under the TAMO at the 87th International Geneva Motorshow.

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India's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer - Tata Motors, took the country by surprise by announcing the plans to start a new sub-brand named TAMO. But more than this, what surprised us the most is the ambitious plan to launch a two-seater sportscar under the same brand. If you thought Tata won't be able to do it, they have already announced to showcase the close-to-production prototype at the 87th International Geneva Motorshow which is slated to take place on 7th March, 2017.

Here's everything we know about the TAMO sportscar from the house of Tata!

What's in the name?

So, like many of us, you must have also thought about the branding TAMO and the name of its sportscar. Until and unless Tata has some hidden meaning attached to it, TAMO simply means - Tata Motors - first two letters of each word. As for their first ever sports car name, Tata is calling the sportscar 'Futuro' for now, a name given to it internally. We are pretty sure Tata Motors will rename the sportscar before launching the product globally. Yes, you read it right, this is not just a concept car, but a production sportcar, that will be seen on the roads soon enough. Ambitious, isn't it?

Who designed it?

The TAMO Futuro, if it will be ever called the same is mostly designed in-house, at the Tata Motors R&D centre with a little bit of help from ace designer Marcello Gandini (the same guy who designed Lamborghini Countach, enough said!). As per the teaser images, the Futuro will have a mid-engine, two seater design - a first of its kind in India. The coupe will get a curvaceous profile, flared fenders and slightly squared off arches. Expect a slightly jacked up ride height to match the Indian roads, instead of traditional road-hugging design.

Does it really produce 180 HP?

While a sports car has to look good and sporty, which Tata Motors have managed to do (as seen in the teaser images), that's just a half cooked game. The real talent of a sports car lies beneath the hood, the real reason why it's called a sports car. And word has it that the Tata TAMO Futuro will have a 180 HP strong engine that will offer the choice of driving modes to the driver.

But the astonishing fact is, this 180 HP of power will be produced by a heavily tweaked 1.2-litre Revotron engine that’s doing its duty in the Bolt and Zest. Surprised? Well, to make it deliver double the amount of power that the Revotron unit is already delivering (it produces 89 hp of power for Bolt and Zest), Tata Motors will make it the India's first 1.2-litre turbocharged MPFi petrol engine.

Is 180 HP enough for a sports car?

In case you are wondering that 180 horses are not enough for a sports car, it's worth knowing that the 800 Kg weight of the car will lend the Futuro a sports car like performance. Tata TAMO Futuro promises to be one light car courtesy of a mixture of composite plastics and aluminium in its construction. Divide it with 180 horses and you get an astounding power to weight ratio of 225 HP per tonne. Just to put things in perspective, Jaguar F-Type V6 has a PTW of 216 HP per tonne.

What about the pricing then?

Remember the homegrown DC Design's Avanti that retails close to Rs 35 lakhs? Tata Motors will undercut the Avanti by at least a million bucks, pricing it close to INR 25 lakh. Given the recent history of Tata Motors to launch delectable cars like Tiago and Hexa, we are sure TAMO Futuro will be one awesome product to drive and look at!

We are proud of Tata Motors to think out-of-the-box and become the first Indian car manufacturer to think about a sports car like Futuro. We might be blowing the trumpet too early, but then again, it will be a proud moment for the Indian automotive community. The Futuro is expected to launch sometime in 2018, with a near production prototype to be showcased at the Auto Expo 2018.

You keep a tab here for any further development from Tata TAMO Futuro!

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