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Apple Car imagined as Apple classic products - Rendering

Apple Car imagined as Apple classic products - Rendering

Snapshot: While Apple has announced to shut the Apple Car project, we look at some of the possibilities of how the Apple Car could have looked, had it ever happened.

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As more and more technology companies are expanding their base and entering into automobile manufacturing, buyers have started taking such projects seriously. Companies like Google, LeEco and many other companies have already revealed their future plans of making cars. But one tech giant, whom many enthusiasts were looking upto, broke all the hearts last year.

We are talking about Apple Inc., the foremost technology company in the world, who was contemplating an option to develop a car of their own. After massive anticipation and countless rumors, Apple decided to back-out from the car project, last year. Imagine if the Apple Car actually happened, and the tech company took inspiration from its classic products.

Wouldn't it be fun to re-imagine the Apple Car as classic Apple products, which are loved worldwide? Our friends at 'Click Mechanic' has the novel idea to render the dead Apple Car project as classic Apple products like iPhone, iPad and Macintosh. Here's a little bit of fun with the Apple car!

Apple iCar Macintosh

Based On - Macintosh 128K

Before you draw any conclusions and rule out the possibilities of such an angular car, let us remind you of DeLorean DMC-12. If you haven't heard about the car, you need to watch the 'Back to the Future-Trilogy' asap! As the name suggests, the iCar Macintosh is based on the original iteration of Apple’s august desktop computer. Computers from that era used to be angular in shape with a typical beige plastic finish. Same has inspired the angular and beige exteriors of the Apple iCar Macintosh.

Apple iCar G3

Based On - Apple iMac G3

The U.S based tech giant, under the unparalleled leadership of Steve Jobs saw the complete shift in the design aesthetics of computers, something which the industry never saw before. The result was the curved and colorful iMac G3. The machine inspired our car here called the iCar G3, which gets a dual shade curvaceous body. You can customize your car with a vibrant color choice, synonymous with the G3 colors. An eye-catcher for sure!

Apple iCar Power

Based On - Apple Power Mac G5

The demise of bulky desktops and the advent of handy laptops saw the arrival of Apple PowerBook G4, which can easily be called the forebear of the modern MacBook Pro. It's titanium body still looks modern in today's time. For this rendering, Click Mechanic took inspiration from the newer generation Power Max G5, which gives the Apple iCar Power an angular center section and a rounder outside area. The broad grille and big wing are designed to communicate the performance of Power.

Apple iCar Air

Based On - Apple Macbook Air

A no-nonsense design of the MacBook Air made it an attractive proposition in the recent times. The lightweight machine is known for its minimalistic design, yet high performance. Inspired by the Macbook Air, iCar Air features a flat, minimalist design with a lot of glass area covering the two occupants, giving it a high visibility, required for a high-performance run. The iCar Air looks straight out of a Star War movie.

Apple iCar 7

Based On - Apple iPhone 7

The last is saved for the best! The Apple iPhone is the most successful Apple product ever, which crossed the boundaries of the native country to become the best selling phone in many countries. The latest update of iPhone is called the iPhone 7 and is the most advanced phone yet. Hence, the car inspired by the iPhone 7 (Called the iCar 7) has to be the most stylish and advanced too. The iCar 7 features just a flat glass panel and metal frame, making it look like a futuristic black pod. Notice the oval-shaped headlights that look like the phone's plug.

Here's a rendering of cars used by Superheroes!

Source: Click Mechanic

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