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Audi Sportscar Experience 2016: Keep learning

Audi Sportscar Experience 2016: Keep learning

Snapshot: Audi Sportscar Experience 2016 begins at Buddh International Circuit with a host of celebrities, customers and obviously Audi's delicious cars. This season takes you around the race circuit in RS 7 Sportback, RS 6 Avant, S5 and exciting little TT Coupe.

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Somebody has aptly stated, ‘track driving teaches you a lot of road sense’. This statement holds true as learning how to control acceleration and braking makes one proficient while driving on roads. Audi cars are already considered as quick cars with excellent built quality and safety tech. The company’s Sportscar Experience is a driving programme allows Audi customers to come and involve with the brand’s fleet of mesmerising sports cars on the Buddh International Circuit.

Launched about 4 years ago, Audi Sportscar Experience has grown considerably with active participation from celebrities as well. This one was graced by celebrity golfer Sharmila Nicolett, Food Talk India founder Shuchir Suri, Designer Nishka Lulla, Little Black Book founder Suchita Salwani, Photographer  Bhumika Bhatia, Music talent Dhruv Visvanath and Soundarya Jayachandran, SodaBottleOpenerWala Chef Anahita Dhondy and no other than Audi’s race talent Aditya Patel. All these celebrities bolt around Audi’s extravagant sportcar range including TT Coupe, RS 7 Sportback, RS 6 Avant and the S5.

Divided into two phases, Audi Sportscar Experience and Audi Sportscar Experience Advanced, the former teaches steering, handling and braking on a racetrack while the latter further deepens into skill enhancement with racing lines, understanding over and under-steering. These practise sessions are guided by Audi’s international and seasoned instructors for Audi owners.

Another fun little exercise lined-up is a braking and slalom course demonstrating Audi car’s excellent braking and handling characteristics. The cars used here are TDI powered A3s and A6s. You blast your car down a straight to the braking point where Aditya screams on the radio when to, and while hard braking you steer the car out of harm’s way (a line of cones here). The bigger A6 makes you feel its weight shifting but the A3 will mighty surprise you with its agile handling prowess.

Track experience is not just an exercise understanding steering, brakes, chassis or race lines, but it also enhances your ability in differentiating how different cars respond. Hop in the TT Coupe and you realise how light and nimble that car is. It has the safekeeping of Quattro system letting you push great speeds through corners. The RS6 Avant just becomes tail happy so quickly making it the most fun of the lot. The S5 just stays planted as you direct it to. Excellent brakes let you brake late and engine pulls you out the corner like a slingshot.

The RS 7 Sportback has to be termed as the most charming here. The crackle on the overrun just never ever gets boring. Monstrous power means ridiculous top speeds keep you enticed on the straights and fat tyres and Quattro means loads of grip through corners. Very quick directional changes do upset it a bit because of the weight it carries, however just get the hang of it and everything smoothens out.

Track driving is the kind of mental massage that will make you a better driver wherever you drive, city, mountains. If you have not yet done it, ask Audi to get you hooked. The program is growing exponentially with more celebrities and enthusiastic customers joining in. Our day may have been hot and sweaty because of summer heat, but we have come back with more driving knowledge and huge smiles on our faces. All advancements in technology put in by Audi, lightness, Quattro, chassis developments make complete sense when you experience them first hand proving why the German brand is so innovative with cars making your driving experience enjoyable yet safe.

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