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Basic must have Garage Tools and Things

Basic must have Garage Tools and Things

Snapshot: In day-to-day stressful life, making time for car-repair activity is something that very few people do. But for those who like doing it, it can be a source of relief as well as excitement. We have prepared a list of tools and equipment that you should have if you like to take care of your car and like working on it.

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Every petrol head has a grease monkey hiding in them, someone who apart from driving also enjoys doing minor repairs and maintenance of their ride. While there are many specific and general tools that an ideal car garage should have. All those tools, with right knowledge can help you fix the entire car, including an engine overhaul. However, it’s always better to start small if you are not so sure of your ambitions and amount of time that you can devote to the activity.

We’ve prepared a list of basic tools that you can start with. All these tools will help you carry out minor repairs and maintenance jobs like fluid replacement, tyre rotation, battery replacement etc. 

Oil drain pan 

Oil change is the most basic maintenance procedure that you can carry out without worrying about going wrong. An oil draining pan is something that you cannot live without and you would require this for every oil change that you do. Generally, all of them come with a pouring neck that you can use for transferring the oil into other container for later use.  

Oil filter wrench 

Replacing engine oil also requires an oil filter change. To open the old oil filter, you would require a special tool that can do that or you can get a general purpose oil filter wrench that would fit all oil filter sizes.

Mechanic’s creeper 

Getting under a car for examination can be quite difficult. Mechanic's creeper with wheels is an inexpensive alternative to the hydraulic lift, this should help you inspect any damage to the car’s exhaust due to rust or any underbody damage. It would also come in handy for things like removing drain plug for oil change etc.

Pliers set 

Whether you need to remove a small circlip or firmly hold something while bending or crimp an electrical wire, a plier with fulcrum offers mechanical advantage and is just the right tool to do that. They have various types like Long nose pliers, cutting pliers, locking pliers etc.  

Jack with stands 

Every car manufacturer provides a car jack that you can use for wheel replacement. In case you find it inconvenient to use, you can get a hydraulic one. For swift tyre rotation as well as for brake fluid replacement that involves brake bleeding, you would require putting the car on stands, get a pair or two.

Spark plug socket wrench 

It’s relatively easy to check if the spark plugs are working or not. Also, it’s easy to replace them. Since spark plugs are generally found deep in a recess, they require wrench that has enough reach for tightening and loosening. Spark plug sockets generally come in a set of five sizes - 5/8 inches, 13/16 inches, 3/4 inches, 14 inches and 18 inches.

Hammer set 

Ideally, a hammer should have no place in a garage that has all the right tools to work on a car that’s a result of engineering progress. But rusted parts can sometimes become very difficult to remove and the same stands true for parts that require a tight fit. In cases like these, all it requires is a little tap from the right kind of hammer.

Peg board and shelves

All tools and equipment after it comes out of the packaging can make your garage look like a junkyard if not organised well. The best way to keep them organised is to install a peg board and some shelves.

First-aid kit

A must have thing that precedes any other tool or thing present on this list in terms of importance, is a first-aid kit. Bandages, antiseptic liquid, scissors, cotton swab etc. that can deal with mild medical conditions that might arise while working.    

Stable bench and vice

A stable iron or wooden bench with a sturdy vice mounted on it, perhaps just below the pegboard is an ideal setup in any garage. It’s most needed while you need to work on any sub-assembly or do a repair while away from the car.

Fire extinguisher

While most people are not venturesome to attempt anything that can cause fire in a closed space, but accidents do happen. A car has a fuel tank that can prove to be lethal in case of even small incidents of fire that arise out of accidental burning of other fluids or a piece of rag. A reliable fire extinguisher that can douse the fire is case of an emergency         

Adjustable wrenches

It’s the most basic and indispensable tool, also known commonly as monkey wrenches. You can use them to tighten and loose almost any nut. Look at them not as a replacement for spanners but as an additional versatile tool.  

Ring spanners

Ring spanners that have twelve point opening have an advantage over ring spanners that have six point opening where there is limited space for swing. The offset handles also increase the access in limited space. 

L type wheel spanner

You would most probably find this in the kit that came along with the car along with other tools like safety triangle, jack etc. It is an indispensible tool that provide great torque advantage needed for tightening / loosening the nuts that secure the wheel in place. 

Ratchet and socket set

A socket attached to the ratchet handle allows rotary movement in one direction. You can conveniently use it to tighten or loosen the bolt by locking the ratchet handle in any one direction, it generally comes with other tools like allen keys, universal joint etc.  

Screw driver set

A screw driver ratchet handle with most common drive types Slot, Philips, Torx and Triple square can help you remove all screws that you will ever find inside and outside of a car. A ratchet handle with universal joint and extension handle is all you would ever need for all the screws in your car.

Apart from doing minor repairs and replacements, some of the tools listed above would also come in handy if you like putting accessories yourself. Always make sure that you have all the knowledge that you would need to complete the job successfully.

What goes without saying is that you should get high quality gloves, safety goggles and a dungaree, and should be wearing them at all times while working on your car.   

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