Best Modifications to enhance your motorcycle performance

Best Modifications to enhance your motorcycle performance

Snapshot: This article will help you provide with some basic modifications options for your motorcycle that don’t cost much but offer considerable gain in performance

We can’t deny at one point or another we all have wished for more performance out of our motorcycles. Whether we go for small modifications or big, most of us have loved adding or changing stuff that we thought would enhance performance of our motorcycles. If given a chance most of us would rather choose a high performance machine over one that just looks good. This article will help you provide with some basic modifications options for your motorcycle that don’t cost much but offer considerable gain in performance.

1. Air filter

This is the most basic mod available in the market. From scooters to motorcycles, an air-filter passes the air to the engine after filtering it. Replacing the standard air filter on your motorcycle with the aftermarket filter is the easiest way to enhance performance of your bike. Apart from filtering it provides a significant boost in the power figures since the air entering the engine is cleaner. There are various brands present when it comes to air filters and K&N is one of the brands you would like to purchase.

2. Exhaust

Exhausts aren’t as cheap as Air filters but when it comes to performance boost, adding an aftermarket exhaust can seriously help adding more horse power to your machine. An exhaust is also referred as ‘silencer’ sometimes, but apart from suppressing the noise it also plays a vital role in managing the back pressure created by the hot gasses coming out from the combustion chamber, which significantly affects the over-all performance of a motorcycle. Apart from adding a power boost an aftermarket exhaust will also make your motorcycle growl more. 

3. ECU Remap

Most modern vehicles contain an ECU (or Engine Control Unit) that is effectively a small computer which controls how the engine works. Vehicle manufacturers de-tune the engine by setting the software on the ECU to default before sending the vehicle out. Remapping of an ECU unit on a motorcycle enables to unleash its top end, any remapped motorcycle have a significant 15-20% boost in the top speed. Not only does it extend the top end but also help in a faster acceleration. The cost of remapping depends upon the motorcycle and generally remapping costs around INR 5000 to 10000.

4. Changing Sprockets

This is a type of modification that can be utilized to enhance either the acceleration or the top speed depending upon what you need. We won’t go in depth about the gearing; motorcycles generally run on chain type drive train that transmits the power from the engine to the wheels. Reducing the front sprocket size and enlarging the rear one will help the bike to gain a quicker acceleration while doing the opposite will result in a greater top speed. A combination of both can also be used depending upon the requirement.

5. Adjusting Suspension setup

Suspension setup results in a huge difference when it comes to performance. The suspensions of a motorcycle are nothing like that of a car’s. In a motorcycle the machine to body weight ratio vary less compared to a car. So it is extremely important to get your suspension adjusted according to your body weight. Right suspension settings results in a better handling, ride quality and even safety. The adjustments involve setting sag, compression and rebound settings according to your body weight. You can go to any pro shop, invest a little bit of money in the suspension and feel the difference after correctly adjusted suspensions.  

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