Bike of the week – Benelli TNT 1130R

Bike of the week – Benelli TNT 1130R

Snapshot: We are back with our 'Bike of the Week’ article, scroll on to know what Benelli TNT 1130R is all about.

The Japanese bikes are made to be more clinical, that delivers everything exactly the way they are supposed to, just like a robot we can say. On the other hand, Italians they spice up the things by adding a flavour of rawness and beauty to everything that they make, specially motorcycles. Today we are back with our ‘Bike of the Week’ article, and so you will be reading what Benelli TNT 1130R is all about.

TNT 1130R is a litre-class naked street fighter from the legendary Italian motorcycle maker, Benelli. Benelli as we know has been making motorcycles from more than a century now (1911) which possibly makes it the oldest of all European motorcycle factories in operation, that’s just after Royal Enfield came into existence (1901).

You would be surprised to know how the brand Benelli started, the widow Teresa Benelli lost her husband and decided to invest all of the family’s sum into a business that could provide stable for her five sons, Giuseppe, Giovanni, Francesco, Filippo, Domenico and Antonio (Tonino).  Initially Benelli was just started as a motorcycle repair garage that produced the spare parts needed for repairs but during the WW1 times they were working hard to fix war machines. It took them no long to present a motorcycle by their own name and in 1919 first Benelli motorcycle was made.

Benelli shares a long racing heritage and Tonino Benelli, the youngest of the Benelli family went on to become the undisputed protagonist of the early racing successes. Riding a Benelli 175, Tonino won the title of Italian Champion in 1927, 1928 and 1930 on the saddle of the SOHC version, and in 1931 riding the DOHC version.

Benelli introduced the TNT1130 back in 2004 and since then nothing has changed in the motorcycle. Back in 2004, its looked way ahead of its time and it still is. TNT1130 is one of the master piece designed by Adrian Morton and it looks Adrian Morton took inspiration from an ancient creature to design something that needed no change for decades to come.

Talking about the mechanicals, TNT 1130R runs on an 1131cc Liquid cooled 4-stroke 4-valve DOHC inline 3 engine that delivers a huge 158bhp of power at 10,200rpm and 120Nm of peak torque at 8,400rpm. The engine comes mated to 6-speed transmission and unlike other motorcycles, TNT 1130R utilizes a slipper dry clutch. The front suspension duties are performed by fully adjustable Marzocchi 50 mm upside down forks while fully adjustable ZF Sachs sits at the back. TNT 1130R is equipped with Twin 320 mm floating wave discs Brembo monoblock (four-piston caliper) brakes at the front and Single 240 mm wave disc with Brembo (twin piston caliper) brakes at the rear.

Benelli TNT 1130R is priced at INR 11.81 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom, Delhi) in India. Share your views on the above motorcycle in the comment section below.

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