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BMW G310 R, what it means for Indian market

BMW G310 R, what it means for Indian market

Snapshot: It looks gorgeous, it feels premium and worthy of the BMW badge, but how will Indian market react to it? Well we'll have to wait for that.

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Finally Indian motorcycle market is taking off like the way it should have taken off a few years back, or maybe not yet. But we are finally getting some exciting motorcycles and are not restricted to just quarter-litres or less. Talking about some brands which gave us a ray of hope, KTM managed to make its entry at the very right time with the very right partner and grabbed a major share by launching its 200cc motorcycle and then making it more powerful and launching the same at a very competitive price.

There are quite a few reasons why big manufacturers like Ducati and Harley-Davidson, are trying their hands on small hearted motorcycles such as Scrambler Sixty-2 and Street 500. The first reason being their sale, these motorcycles garner mass segment buyers and hence are more affordable than the bigger engine bike, so more profitable to the company. Secondly, and a deeper reason being the attachment a buyer creates with a brand when he goes for a small segment motorcycle. Odds are in favour that the same buyer will upgrade to a higher displacement motorcycle of the same brand in future, rather than going with any other brand. 

The reason why I am explaining all this is to make you clear why a premium brand like BMW is launching a bike in such a small segment, especially in India. The reason is clear, it will benefit the brand as the bike will be extremely affordable and hence everyone dreaming of owning a BMW will definitely go for it, maybe including me as well. Also, BMW will be sowing seeds for its future by selling the G310 R. You can relate it to the attachment part I described moments ago. So logically, BMW will be making a number of future customers by giving them a small piece of cake and if they like the cake (which they certainly will), they’ll go after it!

The Austrian motorcycle maker, KTM did the same a few years back and boy-o-boy, 2014 proved to be one of the most successful years for the brand. So if you are in India, you will definitely be aware of the number of KTM fans this country has now and they are all waiting for the 690 Duke to be released here, desperately. I bet if KTM launches the same on Indian shores, it will be THE END for many other brands struggling in that segment, in that price range.

Enough about KTM, let's get back to the G310 R. It has already been launched in the UK market and it is priced at £4290, which makes it even cheaper than the KTM 390 Duke in that market. Considering both are made in India and exported to the UK, BMW G310 R should not go above Rs 2.4 Lakh. If all our speculations turn right, It will surely be a hard pill to swallow for other brands. Because who wouldn't want to buy a gorgeous looking BMW at this price. I reckon not many! 


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