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BMW X4 or Volvo XC40: If you are a Keen Driver?

BMW X4 or Volvo XC40: If you are a Keen Driver?

Snapshot: BMW X4 is the recent entrant to the car market while Volvo XC40 arrived a few months back. The duo has some unconventional design elements. Let’s see which one adds value to your money!

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Volvo XC40 is the most affordable Volvo available in the country, while BMW X4 2019 falls in the mid-band of the stable’s range. No wonder that these two cars are from different segments. This comparison isn’t about the ethics of comfort inside the cabin and roominess but it will let you decide if you can save some bucks with the baby Volvo or you shouldn’t compromise on cost with it when BMW is still the glorious one.


The cars into the talks here aren’t really performance-driven machines but they are not far behind either. BMW X4 and Volvo XC40 are the latest entrants in the Indian automotive market and have created a buzz around with their exclusive design and style quotient. However, they have some really massive grunt under the hood. Let’s figure out which one you should buy if you are a keen driver with a different taste and love to push a bulky SUV through the corners.


BMW X4 Mileage

16.78 kmpl

Volvo XC40 Mileage

18 kmpl

At a Glance: BMW X4 vs Volvo XC40 Specifications


Diesel Mill

BMW X4 is available in petrol and diesel engine options but the diesel one has more enthusiasm than petrol. The BMW X4 xDrive20d is the most suitable engine here to compare. On the other hand, Volvo XC40 is available only with diesel. The former is available with a 2-litre 4 cylinder motor which pours in all the horses on your pedal’s command. The steering feels extremely balanced and gains weight in accordance with your enthusiasm. Also, the iDrive system is amazing as it perfectly balances and throws in the gears to suit your taste.


Volvo XC40, on the other hand, has a bit of linear acceleration. It really doesn’t respond instantly to your commands but the lag is not that considerable. The overall weight of the car is lesser than the opponent here and that makes it more enjoyable to ride on highways. It also has a 2.0-liter engine with the same power and torque output. City manoeuvrability is also a breeze with this car and it provides great low and mid range torque, especially if you are residing in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Once you touch the highways, you’ll enjoy this car’s energy and lightweight.




Volvo XC40

Engine Displacement

2.0-litre Diesel

2-0-litre Diesel


190 bhp

190 bhp


400 Nm

400 Nm

Top Speed

213 kmph

210 kmph

Dimensions (Length)

4752 mm

4688 mm

Dimensions (Width)

1918 mm

1902 mm

Dimensions (Height)

1621 mm

1658 mm


BMW X4 vs Volvo XC40 Seats


Unconventional Design

BMW X4 India has a design that not most of us would like. And if you are a fan, you won’t look anywhere other than this bulky beast. The floating roof at the rear and muscular front profile will instantly make your brain imagine a sedan sitting over an SUV chassis. Though this design isn’t new in India, we have seen this in BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe. BMW X4 isn’t that big in shape and hence it looks quite balanced for city driveability.  

Volvo XC40 is the latest entrant in the Volvo family and the Austrian automaker has given it the most stylish outfit, I must say. The aggressive yet sophisticated front has got some attitude. At the rear, the boot gate is quite simple and blank. It barely has any garnishing elements, which actually catches my fancy. The bumper is rugged and adds to the sportier stance of the car. The basic shape of the car is boxy which is broad enough to cover one lane of highways. Look at this car from any angle and you’ll find simplicity and elegance there.


Must Check: Volvo XC40 Review


Inside the Cabin

Volvo it is, no doubt. Here, the comfort isn’t the talk, but the fit and finish of the whole cabin. Your glance will tell you the story. The first thing you’ll notice is a nicely sculpted steering wheel with minimalistic controls, square shaped at the centre for the horn. The dashboard in the Volvo XC40 interior has vertical AC vents and infotainment system. The central console is the single point of contact for all your needs. It controls music, climate, driving modes and several other things.


BMW X4 vs Volvo XC40 Interior


BMW X4 interior, like its exterior, looks bulky and like a mini cockpit. Its steering wheel looks to be heavy and has a lot of controls over it. The central console has a conventional and dedicated setup for everything. It has a horizontal screen with multiple functions and a hexagonal housing for AC vents. Below that is the iDrive knob with a drive mode selector. If you know how to deal with broad dimensions and make use of them, BMW will fit in your vision.


Ride Quality

BMW X4 has a better setup than the Volvo XC40. It has a rigid suspension which swallows bumps and jerks more than the opponent here. Don’t think of taking the cars for an off-road trip or you’ll end up paying for it. Both SUVs are built for highway cruising and reaching the destination comfortably. Though our highways are much better now, we can’t ignore the actual Indian road conditions. Potholes, uneven roads and patches are audible inside the cabins of both these vehicles. It all depends on how you drive it.


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Volvo XC40 price in India is approximately between Rs. 39 lakhs and Rs. 44 lakhs. BMW X4 price in India falls between Rs. 60 Lakhs and Rs. 66 Lakhs. For that extra money, you’ll get a broader and bulkier machine. Though, with the lighter Volvo XC40, you’ll get more goodies for your bucks. It has a pilot assist system with cruise control which keeps you relaxed and let the car drive on its own. However, it can’t be taken for granted and you should put your hands back on the steering wheel as and when required.


BMW X4 vs Volvo XC40 Ride comfort



If you want a perfect looker which makes people of all types turn their heads, go for BMW X4. If you want a sophisticated place on wheels which will be an auto geek head-turner, Volvo XC40 is the one for you.


Still confused with your buying decision? Let us know in the Comments section below.


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