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Buying Guide - Best Aftermarket Sound System Components for cars

Buying Guide - Best Aftermarket Sound System Components for cars

Snapshot: Here are some basic tips for getting the best sound quality in your car.

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Most of our time is spend on road and music is our only companion. Most drivers cannot do without an audio system. A car can be a great place to enjoy music, but many commuters still put up with marginal sound quality that they'd never tolerate at home. And others just assemble classy sound systems for their cars, and then make common installation mistakes that keep the system from reaching its full potential. We give out some suggestions on how to experience the best sound in your car, with tips for both simple factory fitted systems and after market setups. With simple improvements to your systems you can yield noticeable results.

Insulation is important in cars so that one cannot experience any kind of rattling sound in car when exposed to high speakers. Here in India people forget about damping. And materials like glass wool and dynamat helps in damping the panel gaps. Dynamat reduces vibration and road noise that makes the system sound better. There is no more vibration and a stable platform for the speakers is created.

Speakers and components
In-built speakers create bass and treble with one unit only. But aftermarket speakers are available with multiple components. Components like tweeters and woofers make their own sounds, producing a higher quality sound. Though tweeters only manage centre level of frequencies, eliminating bass and providing clear sound. Not only the speakers but their position is also important. Place the speakers where high frequency sound is generated from the front, mid-level from the centre and low from the rear.

Add an amplifier
By adding an amplifier to your car, more power will be provided to the stereo, which will result in better sound quality. Make sure the speakers and amplifier have the same RMS power.  By doing this the car audio system will sound much better, whether the volume level is low or high.

Install subwoofer in the car for proper balance in the music. Subwoofers enhance the frequency range of speaker system by providing the lowest bass notes. It will just take the load off the full-range speakers.

An equalizer tunes the sound of the car's music system by automatically adjusting treble, midrange and bass controls and everything in between.

Make sure when you install an amplifier, the location has good ventilation option in order to have plenty of room to breathe. If the amp temperature is high, it can result in bad sound quality and in certain cases even the amp can stop functioning.

Wiring is also important when getting the stereo fixed in the car. There are different gauge wirings for example 16-18 gauge is good for speakers, 12-14 for subwoofers. Ensure RCA cables are gold-plated for better efficiency. Avoid using smaller wire as it can cause electrical fire.

Size does matter. Make sure larger diameter RCA cables are used to connect the low level output of the unit to the low level input of the amp.

Sealed enclosure helps in achieving tighter bass. While for deeper bass and higher loudness, ported enclosure is the best. Ensure that ports are tuned according to the subwoofer's frequency.

Parallel Running of cables
RCA signal cables should not be running parallel to the power cables. This can result in weird engine noise. Make sure the RCA cables are short in order to keep signal strength.

Do not upgrade the car audio system by yourself. It involves electric work and something can go wrong. Avoid hooking or unhooking anything if your battery is connected. If not done properly amps and capacitors can give you a nasty shock. If the speaker, amp wire is not done properly then the car can set on fire.

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