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Buying Guide for Used Honda City (2008-2011)

Buying Guide for Used Honda City (2008-2011)

Snapshot: If you are looking for a used Honda City, here is a buying guide for you.

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Being around for 20 years, City has been rolling in the eyes of Indian consumers. Surely, Honda never thought that the product will be so much loved that had it in their mind that India alone would account for over 25 per cent of the model's worldwide sales. Simply we can say, City is Honda’s brand-maker in India. Nonetheless, for years the car has been selling like hot cakes in the used car market and here the credit goes to the reliable Japanese engine. So, if you are looking a good example of a Honda City manufactured between the year 2008 to 2013, here are some tips and things you should look out in a used Honda City before registering it in your name.

Model – Honda City (2008-2013)

Model best known for – Engine reliability, driving pleasure and comfort.

City has always been known for its drive pleasure, comfort and moreover, Honda’s 1.5 litre iVTEC engine is free from problems and is quite reliable, unless you go for a hydrostatic mood. Apart that, the city offers decent fuel economy, handling and power delivery. Most of the City buyers follow regular service checks and are maintained pretty well. A good example of Honda City  of this generation would range between Rs 4.5 lakh to 6 lakh. It was the very next generation to this one that was introduced with iDTEC. But still, this generation never leave a moment to steal the best deal with its 1.5L petrol engine. And just feel trouble free until you ride over 200,000 kms.

Not forgetting, that the third generation City was the only car in its segment to be equipped with 5 Speed Automatic Transmission with a Paddle Shift, when launched. And the Arrow Shot Form design meets the eye of many buyers, where Honda sold close to 2 lakh units of this one.

Issues to look out for

As I have mentioned earlier, engines by this Japanese brand are just so hassle free to maintain. But sometimes in the older engines, you might hear whining or a knocking sound coming out for the engine compartment. So when you go for a test drive, open your windows try to hear this whine, which suggest a replacement of the timing belt or there is a problem with the crankshaft bearing. Check if you are getting any unnecessary tapping noise from tappet, where this issue require an immediate attention. Therefore, we suggest you to use a good grade of engine oil. Synthetic oil is of good use here compared to regular oil, is we are talking about Honda’s engine.

In the recent times, there were many recalls for the Honda City of this generation. In September 2015, the company announced a recall for 140,508 units of Honda City manufactured between 2007 and 2012, to replace the passenger side airbag inflators, sourced from Takata Corp, free of cost. Then another recall of 32,456 units of the City that were produced in 2012. All these recalls were made for the faulty front airbags. So, go through the service check book, whether these campaigns were done or not.

As the City is available in both manual and automatic transmissions in the used car market. And the manual versions are known for smooth gear shifts and light clutch, but you might need to check hard shifting of gears and play in the clutch pedal, some necessary money shell out could be a possibility here. If the car is ridden 40,000 kms, it might be suffering from suspension issues. If you drive the car over an uneven or bad road, noise from suspension system clears it for worn rubber bushes. The components also get hard with time, especially, if the car is not in regular use for quite some time that leads to noise as well.

Braking and tyre are the most important thing to check here as Honda City has 175 Section tyres  and the braking are sharp enough for them, if tyres are shredded. Owing to thin you might have to compensate with handling capabilities.

Best Bet

To be honest Honda City is still a star car, even in the used car market. A good example will range between Rs 4.5 lakh to 6 lakh depending on the variant and some other factors as well. The service cost will vary between Rs 6000 to Rs 10,000, depending on the service type you prefer. And don’t worry the higher service cost actually covers major service. While a comprehensive insurance plan is mostly available that would cost around Rs 8,000 - Rs 9,000, you might also get Zero Dep. Out of the blue, but that won’t cover the cost of purchase and will be more than double of this price. The V MT will be a good deal at around Rs 4.8 lakh, even if you think that the major service is too expensive for an AT version. Looking at the traffic condition, the V AT variant will be the best bet for the buyers ready get more out of their pockets and obviously a paddle shifter with an automatic is an add-on to add sporty feel. Don’t worry, you might find a good deal on V AT at Rs 5.50 lakh.

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