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Buying Guide - Motorcycle Tyre types and sizes explained

Buying Guide - Motorcycle Tyre types and sizes explained

Snapshot: The Tires define the extend of fun we can have with our motorcycles, lets check a few details!

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Tyres are the very important parts of a vehicle, more importantly in a motorcycle. As motorcycles depend more on balance and road grip, proper tyres play a crucial role in providing a safe and enjoyable ride. If you own a motorcycle, then ample knowledge about your bike’s tyres are very important, as this comes handy while replacing worn out tyres or upgrading to better quality tyres, and will benefit both the bike’s performance and your safety. Whether driving regular bikes or high-end sports bikes, the right tyres always improve the safety and ride quality for the riders. 

There are various types of motorcycle tyres to choose from many prominent brands. It is also very important to know about the right tyre size while shopping for your motorcycle tyres, and for this the knowledge about the different motorcycle tyre size numbering system is also important. 

When shopping for the best tyres for your bike, you should first determine the type of tyre that suits the riding condition. Let us now take a look at the various motorcycle tyre types and other factors related to them - 

Race Tyres
Allows sharp turns at tight spots. Offers great acceleration from a standstill, allows high speed turns and are very durable for race track usage.

Sport Tyres

Designed for power performance on road, their radial pattern offers better road grip. These provide better handling all riding conditions and are more durable than race tyres to handle tough road conditions.

Off-Road Tyres
Design for tough off-road usage. Tyres feature a knobby design. These are secured with rim locks to prevent them from spinning on the rim in rugged terrains.

Cruising Tyres
Offers great grip on a variety of road conditions. Offers better grip for wet weather conditions with superb stability control.

Touring Tyres
Designed for long distance rides in all sorts of weather conditions. These offer excellent, stable rides and optimal driver control.

Before making a tyre purchase, make sure that they suit the motorcycle model type. Also, thoroughly check the tyres for proper tire standards. Also make sure that both the tyres of your bike are of the same type, and do not mix and match.

Tubeless and Tubed Motorcycle Tyres
Nowadays, Tubeless tyres have become a very preferred and common safety feature on the various bike models available in the market. The Tubeless tyres retain less heat, are safer and will never pop out when they get punctured, possibly causing a wreck. The tubeless tyres also stay connected to the rim better.

On the other hand, the tubed tyres offer more convenience to the motorcyclists on the daily run. The tubed are easier to repair as well as replace when these get damaged. However, the tire pressure is the one thing that the riders should always keep an eye for, whether tubed or tubeless tyres. Low air pressure can lead to damaged tyres and thus cause hazardous rides and poor road grip.

Motorcycle Tyre Size
When buying motorcycle tyre, the bike owners should check the five-part size number of the tyre, comprising of the width, speed rating, aspect ratio, tyre construction and rim diameter. Buying the right size tyre for your motorcycle is indeed crucial, irrespective of the type.

Motorcycle Tyre Width 
The width of a motorcycle tyre is the measurement that is taken in a straight line from the outside of each sidewall to other. This is the first number in a motorcycle tyre.

Motorcycle Tyre Aspect Ratio
The tyre aspect ratio is the motorcycle tyre’s cross section summary in relation to its height. This number on the tire reveals the percentage of the tyre’s height to its width. 

Motorcycle Tyre Speed Rating
The motorcycle speed rating shows the figure of the maximum speed at which the riders can drive the bike with the maximum load and with the tyres at their maximum inflation pressure. The maximum load and inflation pressure figures are also listed separately on the sidewalls of the tyres. 

Motorcycle Tyres - Popular Brands
Here is a list of some of the most common and very popular motorcycle tyre brands, which offer high standard, quality motorcycle tyres.

•    Dunlop
•    Avon
•    Michelin
•    Bridgestone
•    Pirelli

While the entire system of a motorcycle work together to offer a safe and enjoyable ride, the tyres are subjected to most rigorous conditions and fast wear-and-tear. Thus, special attention has to be paid to the motorcycle tyres.

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