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Buying guide - Pre Delivery Inspection Checklist

Buying guide - Pre Delivery Inspection Checklist

Snapshot: Below are the key points for Pre Delivery Inspection checklist

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Buying a new car is always considered as an occasion of joy and prosperity whether it’s your first car or just another addition in your garage. But a slight precaution can ensure that this joy is a long-lasting one. It is important to do PDI, better known as pre-delivery inspection, to ensure your mood is not spoiled post delivery of the vehicle. PDI is a process of thoroughly inspecting the car before the paperwork is done. The salesman may assure that the car is flawless and well-checked, it is important for you to inspect the car in depth personally if for nothing but for self-satisfaction. If the papers are sent for registration by dealer and a number plate is allotted, then you will not be able to change the colour or variant at time of delivery. Here is an ultimate guideline to be kept in mind when performing a PDI.

Pre registration inspection
Keep certain things in mind before you step into the showroom to your car home. Fix a date and time of delivery in advance and inform the dealer. Ensure you get the delivery done during the day time so that the visual inspection can be done easily. No need to rush the process of delivery. Keep calm when dealing with the salesman. Check your car for the year and month of its manufacturing and always chose a car from the current year. Note down the engine and chassis number of the car so that you can cross check that, at the time of your car delivery. Keep all the documents ready before the delivery date. Do the money transaction on the day of your car delivery. Make sure that the insurance of your car starts from the time you take the delivery of the car.

Car inspection in the show room
Be patient and polite with the staff of the showroom you are going to deal with. Always ask the salesman to brief you about the specific features of the car in details. Check all the doors, hood, boot and other body work carefully, as once the car leaves the showroom dealer may blame you for any kind of body damage to the car. Check the odometer which should not show the meter reading of more than 50 kms. If the reading is more than 50 then ask for the explanation from the showroom people. Check for all other components like spare tyre, tyre-changing equipment, owner’s manual, plus any unusual items, first-aid kit or floor mats etc. Make sure you ask for any other accessory which must have been promised to you earlier.

Checking the paper work
Before you take the keys of the car collect all necessary papers. Also keep all the documents ready that are required from your side to avoid any delay. Verify the car insurance papers and RC for the vehicle identification number (VIN ID). Get your payment receipt and sales certificate. See if your personal details are mentioned clearly in the RC book. Make sure the warranty card is stamped with dealers seal along with the owner’s manual. Check the road side assistance number and the policy around it. Make certain you take the duplicate keys of the vehicle.

Check the engine and other electronics
Don't forget to check the engine as it is the heart of the vehicle. Start the car and make sure engine vibrates properly. Check the door indicator lights. Check if all lights are in working conditions after you start the engine.

Additional tip
Take a picture of the car, which might assist you as a proof in future, in case you find any fault after the delivery. Try capturing close images of various parts of the car in at the time of its delivery.

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