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Buying a Car through CSD

Buying a Car through CSD

Snapshot: Here we make it easy car buying process through CSD.

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Autoportal has always provided buying guidance, car reviews and news for passenger vehicles, but this time we make it easy for the ones guarding our nation. There are many Canteen Store Departments in our country with an estimated annual turnover (sales) in excess of 12000 crore. These stores have over 3000 products available at a concessional price, where cars are probably the most expensive product which can be bought through CSD Canteen. Though other consumer goods and items are available on counters, but there are some procedures to buy a car through CSD. Cars are sold through the Authorised dealership only and dealership are registered with CSD, but payment processes are made through the CSD Car Cell Unit.

Eligibility to buy CSD cars:

The following personnel are entitled to buy cars through CSD:-

  1. Retired officers and/or ex-servicemen.
  2. Commissioned officers serving in the Army, Navy, Airforce, Coastguards and Border Road Organizations.

  3. EC Commissioned officers with less than 5 years service, sanctioned by QMG branch.

  4. All released short and retired service commission officers of Army, Navy & Airforce with a minimum completion of 5 years of service from the date of commission and availing all other CSD facilities.

  5. Equivalent status civilian officers/officers of CSD who are authorized canteen facilities (In specified regions only).

  6. One of the parents of deceased or missing officers from border [Letter from Govt. of India (Ministry of Defence) is the valid authority in this regard]

  7. Widows of defense service officers those who are authorized to avail canteen facilities.

  8. All retired JCOs and PBOR (Personnel Below Officers Rank) who have completed 15 years of their service in Army, Navy & Airforce.

Permitted periodicity to purchase:

The Eligibility is based on para 1 of DDGCS letter No. 96410/Q/DDGCS,  as dated in last done in 12 Jan 2016 based on Rank of Defence Personnel and Car Engine Size.



Engine Capacity (cc)


Officers (Serving/Retd)


Once in Four Years

Hony Commissioned JCOs (Serving/Retd)


Once in Seven Years

JCOs (Serving/Retd)


Once in Service and once after retirement. First car after 10 years and gap between Two cars 10 years.



Once in Service and once after retirement. First car after 10 years and gap between Two cars 10 years.

Defence Civilian Officers of MoD (Serving) GP of Rs. 6600 and above


Once in Four years


Sanctioning of the Priority List:

  Prioritizing is done as per Computed basis       Experience or time spent on Defence  Services a personnel who has an experience of at least 10 years has the top priority, while for the ones with time spent between 5 years to 10 years get relatively  less priority and finally the ones having an experience of less than 5 years are considered, where these priority list is given by Car Cell.

Hierarchy led by Field Marshall:

Officer: General -> Lt. General -> Major General -> Brigadier -> Colonel -> Lt Colonel -> Major -> Captain -> Lieutenant

JCO / PBOR (Personnel Below Officer Rank): Subedar Major -> Subedar -> Naib Subedar

The first step is to visit a local Dealer and finalize for the make and model of the car you are looking for. It is not necessary that all the car models are listed with the Car Cell department even if the model has been approved, so it’s better to first contact the dealership registered with the CSD Depot. Once you’re done with the choice of model, ask the dealer for Performa based on the CSD Price list with the break up of price, Road tax, Insurance Premium having Model and Sub Model, colour along with the speculated status as per stock. Not to forget, the Availability Certificate that the car will be delivered in how many days post booking.


As done with aforementioned steps, submit a prescribed application (CSD Depot Indent form) at the concerned depot along with availability certificate and payment in the form of ECS/RTGS/NEFT. (Note: The amount deposited with CSD should be credited from your account only and ECS/RTGS/NEFT should be made/done by you only.

ECS/RTGS/NEFT to be done in favor of “Canteen Stores Department, Public Fund Account (Main) payable at the station of CSD Depot. Prior to making the bank payment ECS/RTGS/NEFT latest rates should be confirmed from the concerned depot/dealer as these are subject to change. For approximate rates please go to product search on the Home page of CSD India website.

Applicants who want to buy a car within 6 months will fill application forms in duplicate and obtain countersignatures on both copies.

Other important points to remember while submitting the Application Form for CSD –

  1. Driving License is Relaxed for Retired PBOR and Senior Citizens as per Guidelines issued in12 January 2016.

  2. The request and basis of Priority and Eligibility could be approved or put on hold or rejected. It’s important to note that Sanction is given basis Priority List and completely filled Application Form, Documents Submission. (Note - Sanction is Valid for 180 Days from the date of Sanction.)

  3. While filling the indent form, Pan Card Number, and Grocery Number to be Mandatory Filled

  4. If any there was any purchase of Car previously through CSD then the date of Purchase, else if no previous car purchased then that should also to be specified. Do not Leave Column Blank.

  5. All details such as Complete Address, Service Number, Date of Enrolment and for Ex-servicemen Date of Discharge to be completely filled.

  6. Application Form to be duly Signed by CO/ Zila Sainik Board / Station HQ as applicable (as is Competent Authority - referred in Application Form)

Note: One copy of the application form duly completed will be forwarded to the Canteen Services Directorate, whereas the duplicate copy will be required to be produced to Canteen Services Depot (CSD) at the time of final preparation of documents for delivery of the car.

Documents Required for personnel:

On Job

  1. Application Form - 1 copy

  2. Job ID Proof

  3. PAN Card & Driving

  4. Dealer Car Proforma Price with Make, Model Variant, Colour Details

  5. Availability Certificate of Car from Dealer

  6. Address Proof

  7. 2 Photographs

Service Certificate signed by Commanding Officer

  1. Affidavit Copy

  2. Certificate from CC / OC on financial Position of Applicant (for JCO/OR)


  1. Application Form - 1 copy

  2. Ex-Servicemen ID Proof

  3. PAN Card & Driving License **

  4. Dealer Car Proforma with Make, Model Variant, Colour Details

  5. Availability Certificate of Car from Dealer

  6. Pension Pay Order Copy

  7. Indent & Authority Letter Sign by Zila Sainik Board

  8. Discharge Book

  9. Address Proof

  10. 2 Photographs


Family (Widow / Parents)

  1. Application Form - 1 copy

  2. Pension Pay Order Copy

  3. Dealer Car Proforma with Make, Model Variant, Colour Details

  4. Availability Certificate of Car from Dealer

  5. Relationship Proof Copy with Deceased

  6. Address Proof

  7. 2 Photographs

  8. Affidavit Copy

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