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Car maintenance checklist

Car maintenance checklist

Snapshot: Car maintenance is critical to enjoy lengthy moments of bliss and laughter in your car.

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Car maintenance is critical to just enjoy lengthy moments of bliss and laughter, it may seem tedious, but it is not. Consult a service technician on the operational nature of your car; service stations are best suited to give you a crisp picture, because the procedure varies with different cars. The vital components to look into are tire, transmission fluid and engine oil. Let’s first browse through the basic essentials of car upkeep: 

All the instructions are provided in the manual; firstly ensure that there is no debris collection on coolant, fluid, transmission, and engine oil. Make sure the oil level matches the reading on the manual. The regularly used car parts have to be serviced which are spark plugs, timing belt, ait filter and brakes. The tire pressure has to be checked constantly at least once in a month, and windshield wipers have to be replaced if they don’t wipe the waters when you use them. Wash your car thoroughly with water and powerful wax; it has to retain the new car shine. Once a problem occurs it has to be rectified immediately, and do not replace the original fitments with the new one.

Check engine oil
It is the primary factor of car safeguarding; the engine oil has to be monitored regularly. Engine oil is an interior component and can’t be visualized at frequent intervals, so how do you examine it, park your car one even road, and turn the engine on for a minute, stop the engine. Now wait for at least a couple of minutes to allow the engine oil to flow into oil pan. Then pull the oil dipstick, the location of it is given in the manual. Wipe the engine oil completely and put it back and monitor oil level. To determine if it is at the right level the reading should be between low and full. It is also important to note the colour of the oil, it should be a transparent brown and not black which indicates debris collection.

Check engine coolant
Observe the level of engine coolant in overflow tank, it should be between the low and full reading. An important precaution to bear in mind is, do not open the lid of engine coolant when the temperature is hot, when chilled to a tolerable level top it up with water. Leaks happen when the level of water in the coolant engine dips.

Monitor the condition of engine air filter
The primary function of engine air filter is it filters out debris and keeps the engine pure. It is recommended that the engine air filter has to be replaced when cars travel through distances of 20,000-24,000 kilometres. An issue with engine filter usually happens when there is an oil leakage, but it however has to be checked regularly to avoid mishaps in the first place.

Check automatic transmission fluid
There are various ways of checking transmission fluid; it differs according to car models. The procedure is more or less similar to engine oil, after the vehicle has covered a certain distance; park it on an even surface. Switch the engine oil for minute or two, locate the dipstick, and cleanse it with a pure cloth and replace it. Take it out again and check the reading, it should be between ‘Hot’mark if the car is hot, if cold it should sit between the ‘Cold mark reading, the fluid should be clear and transparent. And yes, also check the condition of battery, tires and windshield wipers.

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