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Car Safety Guide - Just-In-Case Kit Essentials

Car Safety Guide - Just-In-Case Kit Essentials

Snapshot: There are certain things that you should carry with you in your car in the event of an emergency. A well-stocked disaster kit can save your life in a crisis.

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An emergency car kit is crucial for breakdowns and unusual weather conditions. There is a definite chance that most of the road-trips mishap will leave you with woulda-coulda-shoulda feeling most of us gulp down amid first realization something is wrong. It is always good to keep essential supplies in your car in case you get stranded for a few hours or even a few days. Not only it will put your mind at ease, but also it could save your life. It’s a real steal considering the overall cost and time investment. You should consider it as mental and physical health insurance. And like most of the insurances you will be happy to never use it, but thrilled if the need arises and you do! Here is a complete checklist for the life-saving junk you’ll want to keep in your boot.

Jumper Cables
It doesn’t take much to drain the voltage in a car battery. Accidentally leaving the lights on or sun visor open, you could find yourself in a pinch. Do as your dad says and keep a set of jumper cables in your boot, for you or another driver that might need your help. But learn how to use them. Go ahead and Google “how to jump start a car video” now. Seriously.

First Aid Kit
This one is a must. Whether you gouge your knee changing a tyre or slice a finger when you’re en-route to a wedding, DIY medical treatment is better than none at all.

The new solar-powered LED flashlights are easy to charge and are more reliable. They’re compact, strong and prove incredibly useful, whether you’ve dropped a diamond earring between the seats, or need to rifle through your boot in the dark. A larger, crank flashlight will work just as well. Word to the wise: keep the flashlight easily accessible in your glove box.

Tyre Repair Kit
Buy Slime tyre sealant or similar patching product for your car. If your car tyre runs over a nail or is losing air pressure, then slime does the trick without the hassle of changing the tyre.

Well, it doesn’t have to be granola, but that’s my personal favourite. It’s long lasting, fills you up, and provides a good dose of carbohydrates to keep you moving. You can also opt for trail mix or protein bars. Heck, why not throw a Red Bull in, too?

Water is very essential for your body. One can survive without food for days, but your body dehydrates without water, which can cause organ failure and death. Therefore it is important to carry abundance of water in your car. Water is useful for washing wounds and for sanitation. It comes handy if your car overheats.

If you are stranded for a longer period of time especially in winters, then warmth is a must for an emergency car kit. Carry sweater, gloves, scarf, sleeping bag and blanket to stay warm.

Cell Phone Charger
Smartphones are important device in case of emergency. Always carry a portable phone charger or car charger in your car that will provide extra energy for your phone. A dead cell phone usually means a dead cell phone.

Pepper Spray
Contrary to popular perception, pepper spray is legal in India and easily available in different sizes. The most convenient size is to carry is the one that’s about a lipstick’s, and its range varies from six feet to 10 feet, so it can be used from a distance.

Carrying a simple tool kit in your car emergency kit is always a great idea. Consider tools such as a multi-purpose knife or tools necessary to replace the battery. A roll of duct tape, few screwdrivers, and spare fuses are also good items to keep in your car.

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