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Car Safety Guide: What to do when being tailgated?

Snapshot: Tailgating is one of the most annoying driving habits. We look at how to deal with tailgaters safely and sensibly.

Tailgating is a humdrum dangerous practice on our crowded roads. With all the distractions, anyone can have a hard time just handling the car, let alone other drivers. It may happen to everyone and in many times can be fatal. It can be a little scary especially for women. Safety and security are major concerns for women travelling alone on the road. And in my experience the police do little or nothing to prosecute tailgater. Tailgaters probably don’t realise how intimidating their habit is. Everyone has an opinion on how to treat tailgaters. But what’s the correct way to deal with them safely? Don’t be a victim. The easiest thing to do is remove ourselves from this problem. Here are some common instructions to lower down the stress and avoid being tailgated.

Stay calm
Teaching the tailgater a lesson is absolutely not in your best interests. Try to stay calm and forget about the revenge. If you find yourself being followed, don’t lose control. Think with your head. If the driver is stressed he can make mistakes. 

Check your speed
If you’re within speed limits, they you’re doing it right. Don’t brake hard or the car behind you might just bump into you. Just let off the gas pedal. Slow down your speed and let the driver pass you. If he does not pass you, change lanes or exit the road. He might be harassing you.  If he doesn’t change lane and follows you, drive to the nearest police station. Let him try to tailgate their cars.

Move out of the way
Depending on the other driver’s status, decide your move. If you can't move or change to free lane, maintain your speed until there is space for the tailgater to pass. While if you're too slow for the lane you are driving you should pull the car to the left lane, or decide fast for your next step. If you think its dangerous, get out from that situation immediately. Accelerate with care. 

Trap the tailgater
Try to trap the person who is tailgating you. Just drive ahead of another car. This will provide a cushion between you and the tailgater.Try to trap them behind a bus or a truck. In a crowded road, try letting other cars come between you and tailgater so that they lose you, and then change lanes to be as far as possible.

Identify their vehicle
Try to speed and indentify the vehicle. Light the flash, pull aside for the tailgater to pass. If the car is not speeding, it is a good option is to speed away, gain a good distance, change lane and return to convenient speed. If the same car tries to tailgate you again, then you are in trouble.

Call for help
If you know the person behind your car is tailgating and who does not quit no matter you pulled aside, call for help. Stopping your car can lead to worse things, like robbery. Call the police and describe the car and the driver’s behaviour. Ask them for instructions without stopping your car until you are in a safe place.

Ignore it
If you can’t pull over safely, and slowing down doesn’t work, then just ignore it. It’s very tough to control stupid people. Reduce the risk of being rear ended by a tailgater by keeping cool. The main thing to remember is you can never make a tailgater happy. So don't even try to give in. The best way is to step back from any battle.

What not to do
Do not try to teach the tailgater a lesson. Do not increase the stress of the situation. Avoid flashing car brake lights again and again and don't brake. You should never drive on fast lanes when your car is unable to keep a normal speed, or even if you have a good car but you are tired. Do not use the tactic of gradually slowing and accelerating to annoy him into leaving a larger gap. Always keep in mind that playing games behind a wheel may also harm other drivers and not only the one that tries to play the racer with you. Don't make it tough for the tailgater to overtake. Do not drive erratically in the belief that doing so might persuade him to leave a larger gap. Avoid drunk drivers by any means, as they act without the sense of danger and without the fear of dying.

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