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Car servicing challenges and how Autoportal can help?

Car servicing challenges and how Autoportal can help?

Snapshot: We are proud to say that Autoportal has added yet another feather to its cap - Autoportal Services.

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Autoportal is one of the fastest growing automotive e-commerce websites in India and it’s evident by the rapid pace at which we are diversifying our business. Amidst all the various verticals started to provide a 360-degree car buying approach to a customer, including finance, insurance, spares, used cars and much more, we are proud to say that Autoportal has added yet another feather to its cap - Autoportal Services.

They say buying an elephant is easier than owning it and this line fits perfectly well in our automobile industry. Variety of options and facilities, like loan, have made it easier for anyone to buy a car, but the operational cost attached to it becomes a pain for many owners. Getting your car serviced eats up a major chunk of the operating cost and is comprised of many factors.  We at Autoportal aim at simplifying and reducing the servicing cost for our customers.

In line with our goal, here's a detailed feature explaining the challenges and factors involved in a car service, and how Autoportal plays a role in easing out the whole process!

Challenges in Servicing

If you own a car, you need to get it serviced periodically to increase its life and keep it in a good shape. But as simple as it may sound, getting your car serviced is not that easy job and we all have faced many issues getting our car serviced. We have tried to address top 3 challenges that are faced by almost everyone while getting their car serviced.

1. Transparency and Pricing

The biggest challenge that one faces while getting their car serviced is pricing and transparency. Most of us are not proficient with the nuisances involved in car services and hence get played by the dealers/mechanics. Here are some of the most common problems faced by people:

- I’m not sure if the service centre provides me the correct pricing, advice or quality.

- Instead of repairing the parts, the service centre replaces them, thus increasing the cost.

- I am not sure whether parts used are genuine.

In general, there are two types of cost involved ingetting your car serviced- apare parts price and labour charges. Whether the costs of labour and parts are genuine, and parts are original are the concerns of anyone getting their serviced.

2. What is covered under warranty and free service?

Every car manufacturer, no matter how small or big, provides at least three free services once you purchase a new car. Also, certain warranty is attached to the parts and equipment used in the car. There's always a sense of dilemma if labour cost is included or not, which parts are included in the warranty and what all parts will be replaced in the free services.

One needs to be very clear about all these charges and freebies included in a new car so that you don't get fleeced by the dealership or mechanics.

3. Authorized dealers vs. Branded chain vs. Local garages

·         An authorized dealer means the service outlet of the company that you bought your car from. E.g., Maruti, Hyundai, etc.

·         A branded chain or multi-brand outlet, as they are generally called, is the one that deals in all the brands, and is a known and specialty chain. E.g., Bosch, Castrol, etc.

·         Local garages are road-side or single vendors who deal with most of the brands.

It's a no-brainer that one has to visit an authorized dealer to utilize free services and get the maximum out of a car, as the technicians are trained on the vehicles from that particular brand only. But where should one visit after 1 year, or when the free services are over? An authorized dealer or a branded chain or local garage? A couple of complaints arise after people visit some place other than the authorized dealer:

- I don’t get proper customer support for unsatisfactory service.

- I don’t get car pickup and drop facility most of the times.

- I’ve to coordinate with three different service centres for my vehicles of different brands.

- I don’t have one-stop solution for all my car maintenance and repair needs.

- It is difficult to get an appointment with service centres as per my convenience.

How can Autoportal Services help here?

So now that you know the challenges faced by people wanting to get their car serviced, let us take this opportunity to tell what difference Autoportal brings to the table? Well, being one of the most reputed automobile e-commerce websites in the country, we will offer you the following benefits if you wish to choose us as your trusted car service partner:

1.     30% lesser cost than other service stations

2.     100% authentic Autoportal-marked parts

3.     100% trust and transparency in the service

4.     Free car pickup and drop facility as per your convenient time

5.     90 days warranty period for all our customers

6.     If anything extra needs to be done, apart from what you have specified, we ask for your permission first.

So now that you know what Autoportal Services can help you with, go and visit our website and book your car service. Rest assure, you will come out one happy and satisfied customer!

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