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Cars representing their countries in the Rio Olympics Motorsport race

Cars representing their countries in the Rio Olympics Motorsport race

Snapshot: Imagine if there was a car race in the Olympics. Wouldn't it be interesting for manufacturers to come up with the fastest cars on Earth?

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The Olympic fever has taken the world by storm and while India hasn't won any medal yet, we are supporting our athletes who are performing to the best of their abilities. Continuing our love for Olympics from where we left yesterday, here's another feature article, imagining the relation between the biggest arena for sports and car racing together.

In our previous article, we talked about the challenges of including the F1 at the Olympics. While the article posed many technical questions, our latest article is more fun oriented, and creative. Imagine if IOC approves the inclusion of motorsports in the Olympics! Since GT race cars are capable of racing anywhere, it will be best to imagine the race car series based on GT endurance racing.

We will talk about the respective cars every nation will feature as an athlete, because why not? Here's a list of the cars representing their nations and chosen by the Olympic Motorsports Committee (could you think of a better name?).

Country - India

Athlete - DC Avanti

No, we don't have any other choice, and yes, we want to see India in the Olympics car racing. India is one of the largest automobile markets in the world and yet, the motorsports market is not yet developed here. Manufacturers here are more focused on producing budget cars, that will fetch more business to them. Among the giants of Maruti, Tata and Mahindra sit the lesser known Dilip Chabaria, or DC as his company goes by.

DC is known for modifying cars and adding a luxury touch to them. DC car design decided to enter the manufacturing industry with India's first sportscar - the DC Avanti. We are not sure if the 2.0-litre, 250 PS Avanti can compete against some of the legit oil burners on the world stage, but at least we have a representative!

Country - France

Athlete - Bugatti Chiron

There are certain athletes whom you know are impossible to beat. Take for example, Michael Phelps in swimming or Usain Bolt in the 100m sprint. Likewise, an Olympic car racing event will see Bugatti Chiron grabbing all the gold medals for France as if they own them. The Chiron is way too powerful for its competition, thanks to a 1437HP, quad-turbo, W16 engine. Maybe Bugatti need to detune the mammoth to make the competition a fair deal!

Country - Germany

Athlete - Mercedes-AMG GT R

When it comes to choosing the best athlete from a country, none would face the heat as much as Germany will. And why shouldn't it? Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, all have their roots in Germany, and all are known for their high-performance cars. But none could match the sheer ability of the new Mercedes-AMG GT R. Surely Audi R8 is a tough competitor, but it can't match the presence, performance and history of the GT R. Audi can try in the next Olympics after 4 years!

Country - Great Britain

Athlete - McLaren 650S GT3

Like Germany, the U.K too have a number of worthy candidates to compete on the world stage, including Jaguar, Bentley and Aston Martin. But none could match the sheer performance and charisma of the McLaren. The true blue British brand is known to produce supercars for ages now and has mastered the art of winning on the race track. We think that the McLaren P1 GTR is a good choice, but is too fast for the Olympics. Maybe the 650S GT3 is the best car to represent the Queen's kingdom in the Olympics.

Country - Italy

Athlete - Ferrari 488 GTB

While we can't bear the pain of not watching a Lamborghini raging the Olympic track, we think, a Ferrari 488 GTB would perfectly fit the GT endurance racing format in the games. The GTB is already competing in endurance racing around the world, carrying the baton forward from its successful predecessor - the 458 Italia. With the expertise, experience and technology, Ferrari can give a serious run for money to its competitors in the Olympics.  

Country - Japan

Athlete - Nissan GT-R

If it's Japan, it has to be the Nissan GTR. I couldn't imagine any other car than the mighty Godzilla itself to represent the Pacific country in the Olympics. Surely Nissan GTR is more of a drift king than a track race giant, but consider it no less. The GTR has won more accolades and races for Nissan and Japan combined, than any of the cars out there. The twin-turbo 3.8-litre V6 is capable of gunning 545 horses and can make biggest of the manufacturers feel jealous of the GTR.

Country - USA

Athlete - Ford GT 

Had it not been the 50th anniversary of Ford GT40 winning 1-2-3 at Le Mans in 1966, Chevrolet Z06 C7.R would have been representing the US in the Rio Olympics. Why is that? Because Ford launched the new Gt to commemorate the event, a race car so competitive, it has taken the world by surprise. The new Ford GT has already won the podium at the Le Mans this year and is the best chance of Americans winning the gold. See you next time Chevy!

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