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Compare Ameo Vs Amaze Vs Zest Vs Dzire Vs Figo Aspire Vs Xcent

Compare Ameo Vs Amaze Vs Zest Vs Dzire Vs Figo Aspire Vs Xcent

Snapshot: Has the Ameo got what it takes to be the best in the sub-four meter sedan segment? Can it really steal the thunder of them all, we try and find out in this comparison story.

It was already crowded in the sub-four meter sedan segment and the new kid on the block, Volkswagen Ameo has made it so even further. We are not complaining, just pointing a fact worth knowing. No doubt, the customers find themselves confused between choices and there’s no logical choice that you can go with unless you weigh things objectively.

So which is the car that you should pick, we have put up the newly launched Ameo against the rest to find that out.

Exterior & Dimensions

What is similar between all these cars? It’s their sub-four meter length. Undoubtedly, the Amaze manages to look best of the lot while all others look stubby to some extent. The Zest is the widest of them all at 1760mm while all the rest are well under 1700mm. It does translate into making the Zest a genuine three seater car at the back. The Ameo does not have the smallest wheelbase, but still it does not amount to rear seat space and three passengers in the rear or even two may not have good amount of legroom with very tall passengers in the front.

Dimensions and Weights Ameo Figo Aspire Zest Amaze Swift Dzire Xcent
Length (mm) 3995 3995 3995 3990 3995 3995
Width (mm) 1682 1695 1760 1689 1695 1660
Height (mm) 1483 1525 1570 1505 1555 1520
Wheelbase (mm) 2469 2491 2470 2405 2430 2425
Boot space (litres) 330 359 360 400 316 407

To each his own, there isn’t much to discern among the style but the Swift Dzire in our view looks bulbous of them all certainly the least attractive too. Not only that, it’s certainly long in the tooth as well. The Xcent has the best boot of 407 litres followed by Amaze that offers 400 litres of storage space. The Dzire offers the least amount of storage space of 316 litres.

The Zest, Ameo and Xcent offer 15inch wheels as standard while the Dzire offers it only on the higher variants ZXi & ZDi, the lower ones offer 14inch wheels like the Figo Aspire and Amaze that offer them as standard across all variants.

Interior and Features

The Ameo offers first in class features like two airbags and ABS as standard, you also get the cruise control among other features like rear view camera with parking sensors for assistance, immobilizer, rear defogger, remote operated windows, rain sensing wipers etc. The fit and finish and overall quality of the cabin are as good as the Polo i.e. great.      

Among all, only Xcent and Ameo offer the rear seat AC vents, the Amaze now offers a navigation system with revised interiors that look a lot like, more premium, Honda City. It’s the Zest that deserves a special mention for the best seat quality and overall comfort that they have to offer. It also come equipped with a music system from Harman that supports smartphone enabled Navigation.

Neither the Figo Aspire offers a navigation system nor the Swift Dzire, however, you do get large amount of cubby holes that add to overall utility factor. The Xcent and Ameo do not offer rear centre armrest like the Zest, Figo Aspire and the Amaze.

Engine and Transmission

The Ameo is the odd one here that uses a 1.2 litre petrol motor that uses a three cylinder construction, all others use four cylinder motors. The Zest produces the most power at 90bhp and is the only one that uses a turbo petrol motor.

Engine Ameo Figo Aspire Zest Amaze Swift Dzire Xcent
Engine capacity 1.2P / 1.5D 1.2P / 1.5D / 1.5P 1.2P / 1.3D 1.2P / 1.5D 1.2P / 1.3D 1.2P / 1.1D
Gearbox 5M / 5M& 7DSG 5M / 5M / 6DCT 5M / 5M, 5M & AMT 5M & CVT / 5M 5M and AMT 5M & 4AT / 5M
Power (bhp) 74 / 90 87 / 99 / 110 89 / 74, 89 82 / 70 83 / 74 82 / 70
Torque (Nm) 110 / 230 112 / 215 /136 140 / 190, 200 109 / 200 115 / 190 113 / 180
Mileage (kmpl) 17.83 / 21 18.16 / 25.83 / 17 17.6 / 22.95, 20.65 & 21.58 18 / 25.8 20.85 AMT & 18.5 M / 26.59 19.2 / 24.4

The Figo Aspire is also available with a larger capacity 1.5 litre petrol motor that pumps out 112bhp of power is the most powerful among all, it also uses a 6 speed dual clutch transmission much like the Ameo that offers 7 speed DSG transmission with its diesel motor. The Zest also offers an automatic transmission with its diesel motor unlike the rest that offer it with petrol motors.

The Figo Aspire also uses a larger capacity 1.5 litre diesel motor like the Ameo and Amaze. The Zest and Dzire use a smaller capacity 1248cc motor, the Zest offers it in two states of tunes and produce 89bhp and 69bhp of power, while the one in Dzire produces 74bhp. The Xcent uses the smallest 1120cc motor that produces 72bhp of power (See the table above to see which motor produces most amount of torque).


The Figo Aspire offers six airbags with the top most variant and is the class leader in terms of overall safety, you also get features like hill assist, traction control and dynamics stability with the variant that comes equipped with dual clutch transmission.

All cars offer two airbags with their mid variants. The Ameo offers two airbags and ABS as standard across all variants and features like hill assist and dynamic stability control with the top and middle variants that come equipped with the automatic gearbox.

Airbags and ABS are also available as an option on the base variant of the Swift Dzire, while the Amaze offers two airbags as option on the base variants of petrol. The base diesel variants of Amaze get ABS and EBD as standard, unlike the petrol which only offers them with the higher variants. You get features like seat belts for all passengers and child safety locks as standard across all variants of these cars.

In line with increasing concern for safety among buyers, Xcent also offers driver airbag and ABS as standard. The Zest does not offer airbags and ABS as standard or even as options with base variant, you get them with higher variants though along with cornering stability control (CSC). Features like hill assist, dynamic stability control etc. are absent even on the higher variants of the Zest.


Is there a thing like best sedan of them all? Perhaps not. But it makes sense that we conclude the comparison in light of the newly launched Ameo that forms the centre piece of the comparison. The Ameo is one of the best sub-four meter sedan on offer if not the best. Heavy localisation has helped Volkswagen to price it aggressively, and we think competitors have one more reason to be worried. 

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