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Compare Datsun GO Vs Tata Nano

Compare Datsun GO Vs Tata Nano

Snapshot: Read about the specification comparison of the entry level hatchbacks Tata Nano Vs Datsun GO.

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Tata redefined the phrase “Entry level hatchbacks” when it introduced the Nano. The radically priced car failed to creat much wave in the Indian market and was not appreciated as much as it was expected. The other hatchbacks on the other hand despite being priced higher did better. Is the Nano really good enough to give competition to the other entry level cars?

We do a specification comparison of the Datsun GO vs Tata Nano and see where they stand.

The specification comparison sheet has been prepared by comparing Datsun Go T with the Tata Nano Twist XT. 

Datsun Go Vs Tata Nano (Design and Exteriors)

The Tata Nano may be perceived by some as a small car which it is, no denying there, but standing alongside the Datsun Go or other cars makes it stand out all the more. The Nano is a cute looking car, has distinctively large indicators integrated headlamps which gives the car most of its character and identity. Looking at the car from the side, you would notice that the tyres on the car look noticeably small. The silhouette of the car looks like as if it has been carved out of one big bubble. Considering the compact dimensions of the car and the good visibility that it offers to the drivers, driving and parking this car in city is absolutely fun.

The Datsun Go on the other hand looks beautiful and has the big hatchback looks. On the front, the car has big headlamps and hexagonal grille at the centre. The bonnet is long and the car looks impressive from the side too. The Datsun logo sitting in the middle of the trunk looks great too among prominent creases. The Datsun Go really manages to look great at this competitive price which no other car in segment has managed.

Datsun Go Vs Tata Nano (Interiors and Features)

The Tata Nano really disappoints in terms of the interior design. It offers bare minimum equipment and the instrument cluster it placed at the centre with does not look very good. The cost cutting measures that have been taken are very visible and you can notice them the moment you enter inside the car.

The seats are well cushioned and comfortable and the instrument cluster offers useful details and information which is good considering the price of the car. For entertainment, you get a CD player with USB, Aux-in and Bluetooth connectivity. The boot of the car is small at 80 liters and accessing it too is an issue since you need to flip the rear seat by opening the rear door to access it. The seat at the rear is flat and decent and can genuinely seat 3 passengers in comfort. You also get features like AC, heater and power steering.

Datsun Go has interiors which are functional and are of decent quality. The features that you get in the car are bare minimum. The glove box is open and you get USB and Aux-in connectivity to play music from phone. In addition, there is a phone dock to place your phone at. The large wheelbase and thin seats help in providing great space inside the cabin. The car has engine at the front and boot at the rear unlike the Nano which works in the car’s favor. The boot space that the car offers is great too at 265 litres. You get features like AC, heater and power steering which should enhance the overall comfort of passengers and driver. 

Datsun Go Vs Tata Nano (Engine and Transmission)

Tata Nano Twist XT petrol is powered by a 0.6L, MPFi, twin cylinder motor. The engine displaces 624cc and produces the maximum power output of 37.4bhp at 5500rpm and a peak torque of 51Nm at 4000rpm. A engine is mated with a 4 speed manual transmission which does a good job. Even though the power that this car generates is very less in comparison to the Datsun Go, the car still manages well in terms of acceleration since the weight of the car is very less (710 kg) which give it a decent power to weight ratio.

The top variant of the Nano also offers the option of CNG. Whereas the Datsun Go offers neither LPG nor CNG. 

The Datsun GO T petrol is powered by a 3 cylinder, DOHC 12V, 1.2 litre engine which is mated to a 5 speed manual gearbox and generates 67.06bhp of maximum power at 5000rpm and 104Nm of torque at 4000rpm. The engine that the Datsun Go uses is similar to the one found on Micra. The fact that the Go is lighter, the engine works even better on this car.

Datsun Go Vs Tata Nano (Safety features and Mileage)

One area where both the cars manage to disappoint equally is safety. The Tata Nano offers comes with drum brakes all around. The brakes offer good bite and manage to stop the car well but they are not complimented by any additional safety feature like ABS, EBD, airbags etc. However, you do get 3-point seat belts, engine immobilizer and central locking. The Datsun Go offers disc brakes at front and drum brakes at rear. You get 3-point seat belts, engine immobilizer and central locking as safety features. There are no airbags and no brake assistance features like EBD and ABS.

The smaller engine that the Nano uses and low kerb weight pays off, Nano manages to delivers an attractive fuel-efficiency of 22.2kmpl in city conditions and 25.4kmpl on highways. Datsun GO T is a good performer and offers 17kmpl in city conditions and 20.63kmpl on highways. The difference in mileage is not great and both cars manage to offer impressive mileage figures.

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It's hard to decide and can be argued whether the entry level cars like Nano and GO are more relevant in India than before. These cars target the section of consumers who are willing to stretch their budget a little and had these cars not existed, would have gone for two wheelers. On one hand these cars offer the comfort, convenience and safety features that a person would not get in a two wheeler and on the other they skip on some very essential features like ABS and airbags that a decent car must have.

Considering the fact that some Indian consumers still can’t pay as much as to afford a car that would be considered safe by superior European standards, the cars do have a niche that must be allowed to exist until the better days are here.

We prefer the looks and offering of Datsun Go and consider it an overall better package. The Nano is an equally good alternative at a marginally lower price point. 

Watch comprehensive video review of the Tata Nano Twist below

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