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Compare Fiat Punto Pure Vs Maruti Baleno Vs Hyundai Elite i20

Compare Fiat Punto Pure Vs Maruti Baleno Vs Hyundai Elite i20

Snapshot: The Indian car market has a whole lot of premium hatchbacks on offer right now. So which one is really the best? Or is there a best car at all? We compare the Punto Pure with Elite i20 and Baleno and find out.

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The present time in Indian automobile industry is inarguably the most exciting, considering that new car segments are evolving and are also getting equally appreciated by Indian buyers. Some of the most interesting cars have been luxury hatchbacks that are big on features despite their small size. They offer luxury features wrapped up in a small convenient size and attractive package, which makes them a hit among Indian audience. Let us compare the most popular of these - Fiat Punto Pure Vs. Hyundai Elite i20 Vs. Maruti Baleno.

Fiat Punto Pure Vs. Maruti Baleno Vs. Hyundai Elite i20 (Design and Exteriors)

Italian-designed Fiat Punto Pure looks sober. It looks subtle and the design, despite being old, has aged rather well. Maruti Baleno, on the other hand, has a more muscular look and is the sort of design that does not particularly pleases, but also does not disappoint. The chrome treatment, and the blackened-out A, B and C pillars along with LED rear lamps are the features that stand out in case of this car. Definitely more stylish of the lot is the Hyundai Elite i20, which, relatively older than the Baleno, still manages to hold good. The floating roof at the back, in addition to sleek character lines along the length, lends the car a great character.

Dimensions and CapacitiesPunto PureBalenoElite i20
Length3987 mm3995 mm3985 mm
Width1687 mm1745 mm1734 mm
Height1495 mm1500 mm1505 mm
Wheelbase2510 mm2520 mm2570 mm
Ground clearance195 mm170 mm170 mm
Boot capacity 280 litre 399 litre285 litre

Fiat Punto Pure Vs. Maruti Baleno Vs. Hyundai Elite i20 (Interior and Features)

If you have seen the Punto Evo’s interiors, the Pure’s interior may appear a tad dull in comparison. That said, they are indeed well built, and the seats come wrapped in premium fabric and are very supportive. You also get tilt-adjustable steering, along with manual AC, among other features. Pure offers ample legroom for all the passengers. Punto is the most basic here in terms of equipment that it has on offer. The Maruti Baleno offers great cabin space, Apple CarPlay infotainment system, steering-mounted controls, power windows for all passengers, etc. The Hyundai Elite i20 offers beige and black theme, unlike the other two, which skip beige. The materials used in the Elite i20 certainly feel more premium in comparison to the Baleno. The Elite i20 also offers AVN system that supports navigation like the Apple CarPlay in Baleno.  

Fiat Punto Pure Vs. Maruti Baleno Vs. Hyundai Elite i20 (Engine, Gearbox and Transmission)

Fiat Punto Pure and Maruti Baleno are pretty much at par when it comes to engine capability, especially if we go by the stats. Fiat Punto Pure has two engine variants with one being the 1.2-litre petrol motor and the other being 1.3-litre Advanced Multi-Jet. The petrol motor carves away 68 PS power and 96 Nm torque while the diesel engine delivers 76 PS power and 197 Nm torque. Both the engines are mated to a 5-speed manual transmission system.

Engine and GearboxPunto PureBalenoElite i20
Engine capacity1.2 L (P) / 1.3 L (D) 1.2 L (P) / 1.3 L (D)1.2 L (P) / 1.4 L (D)
Gearbox5 MT5 MT 5 MT / 6 MT
Power68PS / 76PS84PS / 75PS83PS / 90PS
Torque 96Nm / 197Nm115Nm / 190Nm115Nm / 219Nm
Mileage (Kmpl)15kmpl / 21kmpl21.4kmpl / 27.39kmpl18.5kmpl / 20.52kmpl
Fiat Punto Pure Engine

The diesel engine of Maruti Baleno generates 75 PS power at 4000 rpm along with 190 Nm torque via its 1248 cc, 4-cylinder inline engine. The petrol motor of the Baleno also puts out a modest 84 PS of power and 115 Nm of torque. Just like Punto Pure, Baleno also uses a 5-speed manual transmission system, though it has automatic petrol variant as well. Hyundai Elite i20 is the most powerful of the lot, carving away 83 PS at 6000 rpm through its 1.2-litre Kappa dual VTVT petrol motor and 90 PS at 4000 rpm through the 1.4-litre, 4-cylinder, 16-valve DOHC diesel engine.

Fiat Punto Pure Vs. Maruti Baleno Vs. Hyundai Elite i20 (Mileage and Safety features)

Fiat Punto Pure petrol delivers a decent mileage of about 15 kmpl while Hyundai Elite i20 petrol promises a better fuel economy of 18.5 kmpl. Maruti Suzuki Baleno is the best of the lot and promises 21.4 kmpl. Among the diesel trims too, Maruti Baleno is way ahead with 27.39 kmpl mileage as compared to 21.2 kmpl for Punto Pure and 21.76 kmpl for Hyundai Elite i20.

In terms of safety, Fiat Punto Pure has all the necessary features, like dual airbags, ventilated disc brakes at the front, drum brakes at the rear, etc., while Maruti Suzuki Baleno offers all that in addition to features like EBD and ABS as standard across all variants. Hyundai Elite i20, on the other hand, also has a neat set of safety features in the form of central locking system, smart pedals, rear view camera, ECM display, etc. However it does not yet offers airbags and ABS etc. on the base variants.


The Fiat Punto Pure is the most economical of the lot and is a perfect car who value function over form. It is one of the best driver’s car out there delivered in the most basic package. Maruti Baleno has an edge when it comes to safety and fuel economy, the premium hatchback offers loads of features and is a great value for money. It also offers the best fuel economy of the lot, which is an added plus. Hyundai i20 is perfect mix of luxury with finest interiors and equipment level. If we were to pick one, the Baleno would be our choice for sure.

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