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Compare Ford Figo Vs Grand i10 Vs Swift Vs Etios Vs Brio

Compare Ford Figo Vs Grand i10 Vs Swift Vs Etios Vs Brio

Snapshot: Ford is ready with its all new hatchback - Figo, it's all new car except the name which is the same as the old car. Let's find out how good it really is.

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Ford has undoubtedly given us some of the best driver’s cars. A tank-like build quality has also been the part and parcel of these cars too. The old Figo, which was famous for its driving dynamics and rock solid build quality, has now been replaced by the new one and it’s an all new car.

The new Figo has been derived from the sub-four meter sedan - Figo Aspire or look at it the other way round. To get a measure of how good the new Figo really is, we see it in light of other cars through this specification comparison article.

Design and Exteriors 

Ford Figo bears the same Aston Martin snout like the Aspire, there's chrome slatted grille, swept-back headlamps and strong bonnet lines which further make the car look appealing. The Figo wins the battle of dimensions fairly and squarely since it’s the widest and the longest car among competition. Wheelbase too, is the longest of all - about 31mm more than its closest competitor Etios Liva (2460mm).

With the ground clearance of 174mm, you can take the Figo over any speed breaker or pothhole without scraping its belly.​ The Grand i10 is the least wide (1660mm) while the Brio is shortest and also has the smallest wheelbase (2345mm). 

 Dimensions & WeightsFord FigoHyundai Grand i10Maruti SwiftToyota Etios LivaHonda Brio
 Length (mm)38863765385037753610
 Width (mm)16951660169516951680
 Height (mm)15251520153015101500
 Wheelbase (mm)24912425243024602345
 Ground Clearance (mm)174165170170165


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Honda Brio is another smart looking car of the lot, its compact dimensions work in its favour if you consider the looks alone, which also make it extremely easy to park and maneuver in city traffic. Take function into account and you would notice that compact dimensions and shorter wheelbase mars the boot capacity of the car. Etios Liva follows in the close second spot (considering the wheelbase) and has one of the most roomiest cabin, looks of it though are somewhat plain and conventional.  

Wheels add a great deal to the looks of a car, 14 inch wheels (standard across all variants) on the Figo look a tad small. Swift on the other hand offers 15 inch wheels with top level petrol and diesel variants (ZXi and ZDi), Etios Liva offers 15 inch wheels on the top level diesel variant only.   

Engine, Transmission and Mileage

The Figo offers a 1.5 litre petrol engine which is the most powerful and develop an impressive 112PS of power, the engine comes with a segment first dual-clutch transmission too, however there's no option of manual. The 1.5 litre diesel is also the most powerful among all competetiors and develops class leading power (100PS) and torque (215Nm) figures. What's interesting to note here is that the 1.5 litre diesel motor of the Figo manages to offer class leading mileage figure of 25.83kmpl despite the larger capacity and better power and torque figures.

 Engine and TransmissionFord FigoHyundai Grand i10Maruti SwiftToyota Etios LivaHonda Brio
 Engine Capacity1.2 P / 1.5 D / 1.5 P1.2 P / 1.1 D / 1 P & LPG1.2 P / 1.3 D1.2 P / 1.4 D1.2 P
 Gearbox5 MT / 5 MT / 6 AT5 MT & 4 AT / 5 MT / 5 MT5 MT5 MT5 MT / 5AT
 Power (PS)88 / 100 / 11283 / 71 / 6784.3 / 7580 / 6888
 Torque (Nm)112 / 215 / 136 114 / 160 / 90 114 / 190104 / 170109
 Mileage18.16 / 25.83 / 17.018.9 & 16.5 / 24 / 20.320.4 / 25.217.7 / 23.619.4 / 16.5


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The 1.2 litre petrol motor of the Figo is something that you might find lethargic in comparison. On the other hand, keeping the cost concious customers in mind, Hyundai also offers the Grand i10 with a smaller capacity motor (1 litre) that you can also run on LPG, this motor is strictly for customers who do not expect much in the performance department. The Figo and Grand i10 offer wide range of engines with an option of automatic gearbox too. The Brio offers an automatic gearbox which the Swift and Etios do not, however, they have an option of diesel engine which the Brio does not offer.  

Interiors and Features  ​

Figo's interiors are inspired from the Fiesta and are perhaps the most modern looking among the lot. There are lots of places to keep the knick knacks in and the top and mid variants come equipped with the Ford’s SYNC multimedia system (present on Fiesta and EcoSport). In case of lower variants, you get a phone-dock which is quite functional and negates the need of after-market phone holders. The instrument cluster is informative and the quality of the dials is okay too. The font used for the speed and tachometer dials makes the cluster look somewhat plain, perhaps I am nitpicking for the sake of finding something to criticise. There are silver-grey touches on the steering and centre console which helps break the monotony and looks premium too.    

The top variant of the Figo comes with six airbags which no other car offers in this class. Dual front airbags are available on every top variant of the other cars. While Etios Liva offers two airbags as standard across all variants, Figo offers driver side airbag as standard even on the base variant. Three point ELR seat belts are standard on every variant of all these cars while the middle passenger get a two point belt. An innovative safety feature - Ford MyKey makes it debut in the car, the feature allows controlled use of car through a programmable key. The feature has been developed keeping in mind the parents who share their car with their children.   

 Pros &  ConsFord FigoHyundai Grand i10Maruti SwiftToyota Etios LivaHonda Brio
 Pros  Well-equipped cabin and storage spaces, Class leading safety features, Driver airbag standard. Feature rich, Fine quality plastics Comfortable seats, Sporty all black interiors, Storage spaces  Roomy, Comfy seats, Standard two airbags​ Compact dimensions, Storage spaces
 ConsCabin finish not upto mark, No rear-AC vents   Non-adjustable front headrestsNo rear-AC vents  Plain looks, No rear-AC vents No rear-AC vents, Less boot space


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In case of Figo, you get ABS with EBD while traction control, ESP and Hill hold feature is available on the 1.5 petrol variant only. All other cars offer just ABS on the top and mid variants. Grand i10 offers 1GB of on-board storage memory that you can use for storing your music contacts etc. Though Etios has a somewhat odd looking dash (due to centre mounted instrument console), the dial are extremely easy to read and offer all relevant information.  


Whichever way you look at it, Ford Figo is the best package of the lot, and if you put it besides the old Figo, you would agree that it has come of age. It sets a benchmark for all other cars in almost every area (safety, mileage, power etc.). All Hyundai cars have been typically feature rich and the Grand i10 is no different either. The Figo even betters the Grand i10 which was considered the most well-equipped car until now. 

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