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Compare Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Swish Vs Hero Maestro Vs Piaggio Vespa

Compare Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Swish Vs Hero Maestro Vs Piaggio Vespa

Snapshot: Read the comparison of the popular twist and go scooters that make your commuting a breeze.

Powerful motorcycles with manual gearboxes give us adrenaline rush every time we take them around for a spin. No denying the fact that they are more fun to ride on open roads where one can negotiate corners on high speeds, too much of traffic is spoil-sport and repeated use of clutch spoils the fun. I know, I am generalizing, but it stands quite true and I can say this without encountering much contradiction – Indian riders like to ride in zig-zag manner, and negotiate between the traffic when it comes to a halt. A situation where you would normally struggle with manual motorcycles and scooters, the twist-and-go automatic scooters come to the rescue and are indeed an ideal choice, they feel light, nimble and are less tiring to ride.

We are comparing four such scooters that would provide you that convenience should make daily commuting a breeze. You may find yourself on the horns of dilemma while making a choice, to help you we have compared the specifications of the scooters below.

Honda Activa 125

It is without doubt, the king of Indian roads, the success of this scooter is unmatched. The sales records that this scooter has made are tall order, so much so that it surpassed the Hero Honda Splendor in sales number which was the world’s best selling motorcycle.

Over years, the Honda has only improved on the offering by anticipating the market expectations and fulfilling them every time. You definitely cannot go wrong with the Honda Activa 125 lest you want to pay a little extra since it is the most expensive of the lot.

Suzuki Swish

Suzuki Swish was launched in the beginning of 2012, it was launched after Suzuki tasted some success with the Suzuki Access. The scooter is shorter in length and height is narrower too in comparison to the Suzuki Swish. The styling of the scooter is funky and two-tone color scheme should please the youngsters and mature consumers alike. To keep up with the times, Suzuki has replaced old-looking instrument console with a more modern looking unit that features digital clock, tripmeter and fuel gauge.

Hero Maestro

The Hero Maestro is based on the Honda Activa and Hero has done a great job with building the Maestro out of it. Even the motor that the Maestro uses is the similar to the Activa. The space has been nicely carved out and there is enough of it to stow big bags. The instrument console is stylish and modern looking that features – Analog speedometer, digital odometer, fuel gauge, trip meter. You should definitely consider the Maestro for it is as practical and reliable as the Honda Activa.

Vespa VX 125

The Piaggio Vespa VX is a retro-styled yet modern looking scooter. It has a very unique style that sets it apart from the rest of its competitors. It has soft and feminine looks which restricts its reach and would only appeal to certain buyers. The storage space available on this scooter is just about adequate; you may at times struggle for space. It’s a shame that the instrument cluster looks retro too and has analogue fuel gauge and speedometer. There’s a digital clock but no trip meter.

It's hard to argue if other competetiors make a strong case for themselves, as an equally appealing choice, if we only consider that how successful the Honda Activa has been so far. However, considering that all other scooters do not vary much when it comes to specifications and features that they offer, we think that they too make an equally compelling buy, considering the huge chasm in the price of the reigning king and other competitors. 

You may want to check the specifications of the Honda Activa 125!

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