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Compare Renault Kwid Vs Alto 800 Vs Datsun Go Vs Hyundai Eon Vs Nano

Compare Renault Kwid Vs Alto 800 Vs Datsun Go Vs Hyundai Eon Vs Nano

Snapshot: The Kwid is set to take the competition in the entry-level car market to another level. We compare it with the competitors.

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In an already crowded entry-level hatchback segment, the Renault Kwid is one and only car that glaringly stands out because of its sheer visual appeal. It is indeed an option that most aspiring car buyers would appreciate. With the Kwid, Renault intends to take on the best of Alto, Nano and others alike. Trying to build on success of the Duster, Renault has lent the Kwid some semblance to it. Let’s find out how the budget hatch ranks in the different areas and if it also has some substance along with the style.

Design and Exteriors     

The Kwid redefines the word – ‘good looker’ in the entry-level hatchback segment. It does not look like a hatchback but more like a small SUV. The massive ground clearance of 180mm helps the matter further. The grille, bonnet and headlamps at the front borrow cues from the Duster. The bumper at front, front and rear wheel arches along with rear bumper make the car look very muscular. The rear of the car is elegant and complements overall style.

Dimensions & WeightsKwidAlto 800Datsun GoHyundai EonGenX Nano
Length (mm)36803395378534953164
Width (mm)15791515163515501750
Height (mm)14781475148515001652
Wheelbase (mm)24222360245023802230
Ground Clearance (mm)180160170170180

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Looks are indeed subjective, but, we feel that Kwid easily wins the design battle and would please most of car buyers in this category. No other car except Nano has that sort of charm but the Nano just does not feel big enough (it works in its favour, if you prefer smaller cars).

Datsun Go is another car in this category that has those big car looks and it is indeed bigger (3785mm long and 1635mm wide) than any other car in this comparison, wheelbase too, is roughly 28mm longer than the closest rival Kwid, style though, is somewhat understated unlike the Kwid which looks more bold. While Nano may have the shortest wheelbase (2230mm), it's the widest of them all. It is pitched as a four seater car by Tata and it can accomodate four adults easily without a fuss.  

Where all cars other than the Go and Kwid feel like they have been built to a price, it is sheer style and larger dimensions that set these cars apart and make them look a class apart.  

Interiors and Features 

The Kwid offers the segment first audio-visual Sat-Nav system (it's a 7-inch {18cm} touchscreen unit) which is amiss even on the top variant of every other car. Being entry level cars, none of them is exactly feature rich but air conditioning system with heater and 12v power socket is present on the top variant of each of these cars. While there are large enough glove boxes in all these cars (Kwid offers three and Go offers only one, which is open). Go, Kwid and Eon offer bottle holders in the door pockets which add to the practicality, lack of this on other cars is indeed felt. Unlike other cars which use a combination of analog and digital instrument cluster, the Kwid uses an all digital instrument console.

Datsun Go does not offer a conventional music system even on the top variant which all other cars do. However, you do get Aux-in and USB connectivity and a mobile docking station.The Eon offers a full fledged two din audio system (with support for USB and Aux-in), unlike any other car expect the Kwid which combines Sat-Nav with multimedia touchscreen entertainment system. 


P & CKwidAlto 800Datsun GoHyundai EonGenX Nano
 Pros  Storage spaces, Multimedia & Navigation system, Big boot, Impressive mileageFuel efficient, Offers CNG   Torquey engine,  Cabin quality and boot space  Decent cabin quality, Useable spaces, Two engine options Compact dimensions, AMT transmission, Fuel efficient
 ConsORVMs not internally adjustable.Cabin quality not at par with other rivals, Lacks useable bottle holdersORVMs not internally adjustableExterior styling seems overdone Small boot space 


Lack of power windows in the rear and electrically adjustable rear view mirrors (Eon and Alto 800 offer internally adjustable manual ones on higher variants) on all these cars is something that's worth complaining.


  KwidAlto 800Datsun GoHyundai EonGenX Nano
 Boot Capacity (Litres)300 177265215110 M / 90 AT


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The boot capacity of the Kwid is above the rest (300 litres) followed by Datsun Go which offers a boot capacity of 265 litres.

Engine and Transmission

The Eon (1 litre petrol) delivers 69PS of power (only 1PS more than the Datsun Go's 0.8 litre unit) and 94Nm of torque. The 1.2 petrol motor on the Datsun Go is the most impressive of the lot and offers best torque figure - 104Nm. Tata Nano has an edge over competetiors since it's the only car that offers an option of AMT, which is indeed a boon for city driving. The mileage figure (21.9kmpl) that you get from the two cylinder motor of the Nano is impressive too, manual claims to offer 23.6kmpl while AMT offers 21.9kmpl. 

 Engine and TransmissionKwidAlto 800Datsun GoHyundai EonGenX Nano
 Engine Capacity0.8 P0.8 P & 0.8 P + CNG1.2 P0.8 P & 0.8 P + LPG / 1 P0.6 P & 0.6 P + CNG
 Gearbox5 MT 5 MT5 MT5 MT4 MT & 5 AT
 Power (PS)54486856 / 6938 (Petrol), 33 (CNG)
 Torque (Nm)726910474.5 / 9451 (Petrol), 45 (CNG)
 Mileage (kmpl)25.1722.74 / 30.46 km/kg (CNG)20.6321.1 / 20.323.6 MT / 21.9 AT


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The Kwid uses a three cylinder motor that churns out decent power (54PS), the weight of 660kg improves the power-to-weight ratio significantly. A mileage of 25.17kmpl in the cost-conscious segment is something that competitors would need to reckon with. The odd ball out of all these cars is the Nano, since it uses a real-wheel drive configuration and the engine is mounted in the rear unlike the rest which use a front mounted, transverse geometry to power the front wheels.


While this is genuinely a segment in which the safety has so far been overlooked. These cars aren't as safe as one would prefer an ideal car to be, still availability of even an optional airbag is a big step forward in that direction. Nano skips the airbags altogether and you would not get them even on the top variant. Alto 800, Kwid and Go offer them as optional on the top variants. In case of the Eon, you can get airbag as standard on the top variant of 0.8 litre petrol.  

All around seat belts, child safety locks are standard on every car. Engine immobiliser is a standard affair on the Suzuki Alto 800, Go and Eon, Nano skips it altogether while Kwid offers it on every variant except the base. ABS is absent on all these cars and no manufacturer offers it even as an option.  


Sometimes when I compare cars, I am tempted to put a verdict that could wrap all competitors in some general philosophical statement, a statement which could justify the unique place that each car holds in its own right, in the market. It is because at times, it seems that they are beyond comparison, since every car has something unique to offer.

While the Kwid offers huge boot with class-leading fuel economy, the Alto 800 and Eon offer a CNG and LPG variant, respectively, which can help keep the running costs in check. Nano GenX offers you an automatic variant which makes it a perfect city car, something similar can be said about the Go which feels a lot bigger than most cars in this comparison. However, still, if we were to pick, we find Kwid as the best car in this comparison due to the novelty factor and what it brings to the table in terms of design and a value-for-money product.    

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