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Comparison Honda BR-V Vs Hyundai Creta Vs Renault Duster

Comparison Honda BR-V Vs Hyundai Creta Vs Renault Duster

Snapshot: The BR-V can seat 7 people unlike the other two that can only seat 5, does that make it a better car? It's not a compact SUV by any measures for sure. Let's see how it fares with other cars.

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The newly launched Honda BR-V locks horns with the other compact SUVs like the Hyundai Creta and Renault Duster. While it may compete with them, it cannot be considered compact by any measures. The BR-V is based on the Mobilio MPV platform and offers three rows of seats making it the best people carrier among the three. But is that’s all to it or more, we find in this comparison. 

Design and Exteriors (Honda BR-V Vs Hyundai Creta Vs Renault Duster)

Even after the major facelift, the Duster remains largely unchanged as far as the silhouette is concerned. Good thing? Yes, certainly. It retains its butch appeal by doing so, while accommodating changes in the form of reprofiled headlamps and taillights. Modified bumpers, grille and alloys also help it exude an air of freshness.

While we like the Creta for its overall proportions and its style, for some reason, it does not seem as fluidic as the Elantra and we assume that Hyundai has done it on purpose to retain its SUVish character. The high set sweptback headlamps and large front grille further help the matter. A faultless design indeed.

Dimensions and CapacitiesHonda BR-VHyundai CretaRenault Duster
Length4456 mm4270 mm4315 mm
Width1735 mm1780 mm1822 mm
Height1666 mm1630 mm1695 mm
Wheelbase2662 mm2590 mm2673 mm
Ground clearance210 mm190 mm205 mm
Boot capacity223 litres--475 litres

As long as you do not try to put the BR-V in a classifying bucket or SUV or MPV, it seems to do fine. It certainly does look rear heavy and thus a bit MPVish in our opinion, but that’s understandable since it gives an extra row of seats. Only if the Honda would have got rid of the kink on the side, it might have helped it shake some of its MPV image. The face though looks bold and SUVish and the overall design come across as cohesive and functional. 

The BR-V is the longest, while the Duster has the biggest wheelbase, also stands tall and is even the widest among the three. The BR-V offers 210mm of ground clearance making it clear choice for the ones who worry scraping the belly of their car. The Duster and Creta are not bad either and offer 205mm and 190mm of ground clearance respectively. The Creta offer 17inch wheels and widest set (215) of rubber while the BR-V offers 16inch wheels like the Duster, but get only 195 section tyres while the Duster gets a section same as the Creta.      

Interiors and Features (Honda BR-V Vs Hyundai Creta Vs Renault Duster)

The BR-V has a clear edge when it comes to seating capacity, it borrows the dashboard and instrument cluster from the new Amaze while the steering looks inspired from old Honda City. You get everything essential like the climate control system, steering mounted controls. A glaring oversight is the absence of touchscreen system that could have afforded navigation. The last row is better suited for children and younger adults.  

Thing improved significantly in the Duster in the exterior department with the last update, however, interiors remain much the same, but they do get colour elements that harmonize with the exterior paint shade. Interiors feel solid and well made and utilitarian still that’s much in tune with car’s macho and functional appeal. You get a Sat-Nav system and steering that adjusts for rake only as in the case of BR-V and Creta.

The quality of materials used inside the Creta feel more premium than the rest. There’s a large AVN screen that takes care of the navigation and entertainment needs. The fit and finish and overall quality is cut above the BR-V and the Duster. You get second row of AC vents with each car.

Engine, Transmission & Gearbox (Honda BR-V Vs Hyundai Creta Vs Renault Duster)

The Creta offers two diesels (1.6 L and 1.4 L) and one petrol (1.6 L) engine option to choose from. Automatic transmission is available with the higher capacity diesel as well as the petrol motor, but there’s no option of an all wheel drive system. The Duster however offers an AWD system with it’s most power 1.5 diesel motor that develops 110PS of power. The same capacity motor is also available with a different state of tune that develops 85PS of power. The 1.6 litre petrol motor of the Duster produces 104PS of power and utilises a 5-speed transmission like the diesel motor that produces 85PS of power.

Engine and GearboxHonda BR-VHyundai CretaRenault Duster
Engine capacity1.5 D / 1.5 P1.6 D / 1.4 D / 1.6 P1.5 D / 1.6 P
Gearbox6 MT / 6 MT & AT6 MT & AT / 6 MT / 6 MT & AT6 MT, AT & 5 MT / 5 MT
Power 100 PS / 119 PS 128 PS / 90 PS / 123PS110 PS & 80 PS / 104 PS
Torque 200 Nm / 145 Nm260 Nm / 220 Nm / 151 Nm245 Nm & 200 Nm / 148 Nm
Mileage (Kmpl)21.9kmpl / 15.4 & 16kmpl --19.6kmpl & 19.87kmpl / 13.06kmpl

The more powerful diesel motor comes coupled with a 6-speed transmission. The BR-V uses the same set of engines that power the City and come mated with a 6 speed MT and offer an option of CVT with the petrol along with paddle shifters. Even the BR-V does not offer an all wheel drive system and thus limiting its appeal for a serious SUV buyer.

Safety features (Honda BR-V Vs Hyundai Creta Vs Renault Duster)

The BR-V offers dual airbags as standard while all diesel variant also get ABS and EBD. The BR-V misses out the other safety features like ESP, Traction control, hill assist that you get in case of the Creta and Duster.

The Creta offers a total of 6 airbags making it one of the safest among three.

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Among all the three, the Creta is the perfect urban SUV, it’s all the space that you would ever really need. You should consider the BR-V only if you need the higher seating capacity, which indeed makes it a better car than the Creta for the sheer utility that it offers.

The Duster is the only car that’s not a pseudo SUV here, coupled with its all wheel drive system, it makes a really strong case for itself for anyone who’s looking for a serious SUV that's capable of going anywhere.

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