Comparison - Yamaha MT-09 v/s Kawasaki Z800 v/s Triumph Speed Triple ABS

 Comparison - Yamaha MT-09 v/s Kawasaki Z800 v/s Triumph Speed Triple ABS

Snapshot: The Japanese firm, Yamaha, has recently launched their naked street machine the MT-09 at the AutoExpo 2016 and with this we have another member in the high capacity naked family. Now this maniac segment is composed of motorcycles like the Z800, Triumph Speed Triple R and the Yamaha MT-09.

AutoExpo 2016 brought us many surprises and out of which the newly launched MT-09 was among one of the most talked about launches of the event. Yamaha launched the new MT-09 priced at INR 10.2 Lakh (Ex-Showroom, Delhi) and at this price it competes directly against motorcycles like the Triumph Speed Triple ABS and the Kawasaki Z800.

Out of the three the Kawasaki Z800 is the lowest priced motorcycle as it retails at INR 8.13 (Ex-Showroom, Delhi) and on the contrary the Triumph Speed Triple ABS is the highest priced of them all which retails at INR 11.49 (Ex-Showroom, Delhi). The Speed Triple comes out from Triumph and never forget British motorcycles will always be costlier compared to the Japs and in this case it is also the most powerful motorcycle out of the three. Whereas the Yamaha MT-09 sits in between both of the above motorcycles in terms of pricing.

The Triumph Speed Triple ABS runs on a 1050cc Liquid-Cooled, 12 Valve, DOHC, in-line 3 cylinder. This engine is known to be among one of the most bonkers engine of all time churning out 126bhp of maximum power and 105Nm of peak torque. Its power output is almost 13bhp more than it closest rival the Yamaha MT-09. The Yamaha MT-09 on the other hand runs on the 847 cc, 3-Cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valves engine that produces 113bhp @ 10,000 rpm and 87.5Nm of peak torque at @ 8,500 rpm.

Both of Speed Triple and the MT-09 have a three cylinder engine but on the other hand the green machine, Kawasaki Z800 runs on a four-cylinder engine.  It propels an 806cc Liquid-cooled, 4-Stroke In-Line Four engine which is good enough to match Yamaha’s power figures as it delivers 112bhp of maximum power at 10,200rpm and 83Nm of peak torque at 8,000rpm.

But if we are talking about the power figures we should also consider the fact that the Kawasaki Z800 is the heaviest weighing motorcycle of them all. Though it matches MT-09’s power figures but the Yamaha will always be quicker as it weighs significantly less than the Z800. Yamaha MT-09 weighs 191kgs (wet) while the Z800 weighs 231kgs which is a concrete 30kgs difference between the both. On the contrary the Speed Triple weighs 214kgs and sits right in between both but significantly powerful than the other two.

Talking about the electronic gadgetry, all of the above motorcycles feature ABS as standard. The Yamaha MT-09 features 2-level traction control. On the other hand the Triumph Speed Triple ABS comes with a switchable ABS (as the name already explains), ride-by-wire throttle assembly, five riding modes and slipper-assist clutch.

Talking about the looks, the Kawasaki Z800 is the most aggressive looking motorcycle out of the three. It carries sharp design lines and edgy body on the other hand the Yamaha MT-09 is among the most sophisticated and clean looking bike of them all. The Triumph Speed Triple comes with old-school muscular looks and is undoubtedly the best looking proposition out of the three.  Which one of the above motorcycles did you like the most? Share with us your views in the comment section below and stay tuned as we bring you more comparisons. 

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