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Dark side of Sunroofs

Dark side of Sunroofs

Snapshot: Sunroofs might be an uber cool must-have for most of you today, but they have a few problems worth noting.

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For today’s rising savvy elite, sunroof is becoming a very vital and decision-changing option before purchasing a personal car. Sure it is intriguing having an opening glass panel above your head letting fresh air and sunlight into your car. For some it actually is an opening to pop your upper torso out and look cool while driving around. But in my opinion it is usually a waste getting a roof chopped compromising top integrity. Earlier adorning luxury cars, even mainstream manufacturers have to offer sunroofs now owing to customers demanding for one. Hold your thoughts for a minute and think, do you really need one?

Firstly, you might enjoy having one for a few months but then soon you’ll even forget about it. In summers you obviously will avoid losing cold air through the hole in your roof and the blazing sun cooking your brain. You cannot use it when it is raining, and similarly not in very cold weather. It is difficult to open it before rains as it might be windy or a plain dust storm jamming your lungs. Open it after rain and there is a chance rain drops might drip in through trees or weather might get very humid after summer rains. So the only time you might be able to use it is after a monsoon shower or while driving through the mountains. Hence not a lot of your driving hours are spent with it open.

Secondly, very definitely is the compromise in safety of your car’s structure. In modern cars, the floor and roof are fixed structures which hold everything together. So poking a large hole in your roof means you weaken the top half of your car’s body.

Next reason is the noise leaks coming in through your roof. Installing a sunroof means putting in more seals in your roof which eventually will be the cause of noise bleed. And this is when it is closed by the way; if it is open you have a loud air vent right on top of your head.

The increased cost and complexity is another negative. You have to pay extra for all that mechanism operating a sunroof, and most of these cost a hefty amount. Since you’ve increased the overall weight of your car, this also adds slightly to lower fuel efficiency numbers. Sunroofs also steal headroom as you might have guessed. It has to slide inside the roof which requires space robbing you some for your head.

Long term problems include water leakage through uneven seals and failure of the electric motor mechanism to retract the roof. Since it is an electric moving component, it will give up one day for sure. Fixing it is a difficult and expensive task as well. Most people would just leave it shut for good.

Having a sunroof can also affect your car’s resale value, sometime for good but mostly bad. You might be able to market it as a plus if it is working perfectly well, but if it is malfunctioning it’ll be a herculean task to justify. Most buyers assume it is an expensive bit that might go wrong one day, or might leak, or might break, hence is a liability to stay away from.

Too much hassle for something which rarely serves its purpose isn’t it! I cannot urge you enough to avoid this illogical and expensive hole in your roof.

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