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How to make your road trip memorable this Summer

How to make your road trip memorable this Summer

Snapshot: Going on a road trip during summer vacations? Here are a few tips to keep in mind for a hassle-free and enjoyable road-trip.

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While it's already feeling like the peak summers are here, the worst is yet to come. Office, home and car - there's AC everywhere and just the thought to leave the comfort of these sends a chill down the spine. But that doesn't mean the traveler in you will take a back seat, or does it? The weather shouldn't be a criteria to stop you from enjoying life and travel to places we like. While it's obvious not to visit hot places, you can go to hill stations to relax for the weekend.

But you are not the only one who suffers in the bad weather, but your car does too. We try to bring you a couple of tips and tricks that should be kept in mind for hassle-free motoring this summer!

Nothing can beat advance planning

While a last minute plan can bring the adventurous streak out of you, a wise one will always plan in advance to maximize the output. Keep a first aid kit, water bottles, ready to eat snacks and extra piece of clothing with you. Vehicle documentation is utter necessity, so keep vehicle’s registration documents, licenses, and PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate handy.

Travel light, be happy

We know this is not possible with your wife or girlfriend or a lady friend, for they like to overload themselves with clothes and shoes, try not to carry extra and unnecessary luggage. If, by any chance, you are not able to shed that extra luggage, do keep them packed nicely so that they don't hinder your rear view from the back glass.

Routine Check-Up is a must

It's not about the road-trips, but a sensible person always keeps his/her vehicle maintained. But when it comes to a road-trip, pre-emptive measure like check-up becomes more relevant. Reason being, you will be driving your car for longer hours at high speeds on a highway during peak temperatures. The fluid levels are the main concern and they should be in check before leaving for a long trip.

Avoid Rush-hour traffic 

Even if you are traveling back home from office during peak hours, it can be a nuisance and take a serious toll on your car. Think of peak summers and peak traffic hours simultaneously. It's better to avoid driving in/out of the city during rush hours and can save your car and brain from overheating. Early morning is the best time to leave a city and late night or the peak hours is the worst time.

Avoid sudden temperature change

You must have heard of people falling sick because of sudden temperature change. When you move from an extreme cold to hot conditions or vice versa, you are deemed to fall sick. So, if you are leaving your car after driving for hours in AC, try to open the windows before reaching destination. If you are getting in the car, better roll down windows and start the AC to throw toxic air out.

Keep these points in mind and enjoy your road trip.

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