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Drivers safety guide - Most irritating driving habits

Drivers safety guide - Most irritating driving habits

Snapshot: Being a pain to others on the road is one of the worst thing you can do apart from distracting yourself. Here is how not to be one.

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Most motorist commit mistakes when they are on the road. Some of the drivers forget to follow traffic rules and basic driving courtesies that causes road rage and sometimes accidents. Below are top mistakes drivers make and tips on how not to be a nuisance to others.

Tailgating simply means following the rear bumper of the car in front too closely. Some motorists do it purposely so that there is no gap available for anyone else to jump lanes. While others tailgate thinking it will force others to move out of the way. Always remember that while your car might have ABS the motorist in front may not have a quick reaction time like yours. Always follow a safe distance. One should follow the two-second rule. To estimate the time, a driver can wait until the rear end of the vehicle in front passes any distinct point on the road. A line or board the road. Allow two seconds to pass and your car should pass the same point no less than two seconds later. Driving defensively is your best bet. If anyone else is tailgating you, allow him to go ahead rather than let your ego get in the way. You might avoid an accident.

Avoid arguments
Overtaking can lead to a few stares from other fellow motorists but it can also lead to arguments as well. Try and avoid at any cost. Apologise if you have to or even if it isn’t your fault. There is no point in arguing even if your car has got a scratch thanks to someone else’s adventurism. The insurance company will take care of that. You never know the background of the other person and road rage incidents usually begin with a small stare or few words exchanged. In the long run, it’s simply not worth it.

Taking up two parking slots
Be kind and think of other motorists when parking the car. Does your car block an exit point? Is it angled properly to allow another car to get in? How convenient would it be for the neighbouring vehicles to move about, or for you to exit, for other vehicles to pass by? Also, if you have a car that’s so expensive that it can’t be parked close to anyone else’s, park it at the far end of the parking lot. But if you are still super possessive, then get some reversing aids, like camera and screen to help you.

Stopping the car in the middle of the road
If you are lost for directions or answering a phone call, never ever halt in the middle of the road. This can cause accident. If the call is urgent, park your car first and then answer the call, without causing trouble for others.

Staring at a girl
Where are your manners? Firstly it’s impolite to stare and secondly, you could be behind bars if the other person decides to complain. Well in today’s time there are plenty of female drivers in the city, so stop living in the 80’s. Avoid those cold stares or sly smiles or shocked expressions or worse, remarks. But most importantly, staring at a female driver simply distracts you from the road ahead. So don’t be foolish.

Road rage
The mother of all evil. It doesn’t hurt to politely accept and apologise for your mistake. Nor is it of any use to cuss at the person in the next car. The anger won't help you or do anything of use. So don’t ignite and don’t get ignited. Nothing could be more dangerous.

Using indicators
If the road is more or less empty, you can still skip this, but definitely not otherwise. If in traffic always indicate your intention of changing lanes in the next few metres up ahead. Slow down and don’t force your car into a lane if there is no space. Be patient, eventually, you will get the slot to change. When you are planning to slow down to the left side of the road to take that call then switch on your hazard lamps as well to stay safe.

Roundabout rules
Before entering the roundabout, slow down, and give way to the cars moving on your right side at the roundabout. They are the one who have the right of way. Do not overtake at the roundabout as it can cause traffic jams or accident.

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