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Essentials when planning a multi days motorcycle trip

Essentials when planning a multi days motorcycle trip

Snapshot: A must read for all the people who are planning a long bike trip

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It is that time of the year when most of the people are planning to take some time out and go on a long motorcycle trip. At this time the roads to the ultimate destinations like Manali, Rohtang, Spiti and Ladakh get flooded with bikers from around the world. In this mob of bikers there are some who have been traveling on their motorcycles for long time, while few of them are new to this experience and have limited knowledge about motorcycle trips. This article is for those amateur riders who don’t want to miss a thing while planning their first long motorcycle trip.

1) Check the quality of tires-

The first and the most important thing to consider when planning a multi day motorcycle trip is the quality of tire fitted on your motorcycle currently. If you think the treads on the rubbers are near to the “worn out” state, then it is better to change the tire set. It will reduce the chances of you getting halt at unwanted places due to punctures and it will also add to the safety point of view. The new set of tires can be chosen depending upon the weather conditions and route state of the journey.

2) Equip your motorcycle with a GPS device-

There are times when we take the directions less traveled, paths without landmarks or signs on it. Sometimes people end up at places where human density is next to zero, they can’t find a milestone or someone to guide them through. At that time a GPS device proves to be the best friend. Not only it make sure they don’t get lost, it will also cut the time they spend searching for a right direction.

3) Install a mobile charger on your motorcycle-

It is important that your communication device stays on throughout the time of your journey. The charger can be directly installed connecting to the voltage output from the battery of the motorcycle. Just to inform you, it will void the warranty of you motorcycle in case you vehicle is still in warranty period, but on the other hand you won’t have to worry about waiting at a “dhaba” to charge your mobile or your GPS device.

4) Install Panniers-

The Panniers should be fitted in such a way that the weight distribution on the motorcycle should remain even on both the sides. In case the motorcycle weighs more on a single side it will lead to uneven balancing of the motorcycle and it will only make the journey harder. One more point to be added here is that, the entire luggage should be contoured in such a way that there’s nothing left for you to carry on your back. Not even a lightest bag. You should be free to move on the bike without any weight on.

5) Carry a physical map-

I agree that everyone uses the digital GPS devices whenever planning a trip, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t leave them stranded in middle of nowhere. There are certain locations where GPS won’t work and you will be left without any clue of your location. In case the GPS unit goes down, the physical map will help you out and make sure you learn how to read a map before leaving.

6) Carry cash-

There are some remote places in which your card won’t work and you will find yourself in a sticky situation. In order to avoid that make sure that you carry decent amount of cash in your pocket and you won’t have to bribe someone to open early, stay late, or help you out in whatever dilemma you've gotten yourself into.

7) Servicing -

On the long trip motorcycles are bound to be ridden for long hours without proper rest and it pushes them to the limits. Your ride needs to be fully serviced before you decide to start the journey, if your motorcycle is not fully serviced yet don’t hurry in the excitement of the trip. Feed your bike some oil and make sure everything is next to perfect on the motorcycle.

8) Other important things to carry along-

Everything on the list above is important but there are few more things that are of the equal importance that we will mention in this last point. Things like your motorcycle’s documents, a complete first-aid kit, a torch, emergency contact numbers and a basic service-tool kit should be carried along.  If possible then write your blood-group type on your helmet as well as on your bike.

How to plan a long motorcycle trip in India..!!

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