Facing funding deficit, Bike racing champion from India needs your help

Facing funding deficit, Bike racing champion from India needs your help

Snapshot: Indian bike racing champion, Rajini Krishnan turns to public to defend his title in Malaysian Superbike championship 2016.

When Maria Sharapova admitted that she had no idea who Sachin Tendulkar was, a lot of cricket fan ran campaign to target the tennis player. We may worship our cricketers but as a country, we have limited respect for other sport. Since we are not concerned, the government doesn't care either. In the face of a sheer financial deficit, 2015 Malaysian champion, Rajini Krishnan, a 34-year-old Veteran biker who brought laurels to the nation with his achievements, is now facing some serious financial hurdles and has turned to the public to defend his crown in Malaysia.

For those who don’t know Rajini is, he stated his career in 2011 by winning MRF-FMSCI National motorcycle racing championship. In 2013, he became the first Indian winner of an international road racing event at the Losail Asian Road Racing Championship in Qatar and in 2009. In 2006, he became 150cc Malaysian Super series Champion. He is the first Indian to win the podium position in FIM Asian championship in 2009. He is also the first Indian to take part in FIM World Endurance 24 Hours Championship – 2010. With many more awards in between, he is also the nine-time consecutive national road racing Champion in multiple categories (2003-2012) and won the Malaysian Superbike championship (1000cc) in 2015.

 “I plan to compete in the Malaysia Superbike Championship 2016 to retain the title. The Championship starts in May 2016. My requirement is Rs 16 lakh. But I am hoping I can raise part of the amount through Ketto.initially. Hoping corporates will be able to sponsor some of the balance amount. When asked Why Crowdfunding ? He said”Corporate sports sponsorship for Motorsports is very hard to come by, especially for an individual sportsman from India. I have been supported by my fans all my career with almost no corporate sponsorship. This time too, I am confident Indian sports lovers, motorsport enthusiasts, and my fans will not fail me”.

He will be riding a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R given to him by Chia Motoracing P.J race team. This race team is partially funding some amount. In the absence of corporate funding, he turned to Ketto, an online public-funding platform for rest of the amount. So far he has risen around Rs 1.9 lakh from 91 backers. With only 22 days to do, he needs Rs 2.10 lakh to keep his dream alive.


If you want to help Rajini defend his title in Malaysian Superbike Championship 2016, you can contribute to his crowdfunding campaign. Click here for the link to the Ketto.org page where you can contribute and make a difference.

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