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Fast and Furious 7: A bit too furious?

Fast and Furious 7: A bit too furious?

Snapshot: Furious 7 offers a huge dose of entertainment, but it does dilute the essence of a proper car film. Here's our take on it.

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I must apologise for breaking it to you like this, but F&F7/Furious 7 isn’t a ‘car movie’, it’s rather an action movie with lots of cars in it. So in essence, it detracts from what was probably its genre earlier to something that pleases the larger section of movie goers.

You have the right to disagree with what I say here, but I’m still not the person who seeks enjoyment in seeing cars crash. Heavy use of artillery, ridiculously modified vehicles, and vertigo-inducing (especially if you watch in 3D) camerawork give the film all it needs to keep the audiences glued to their seats. But the only issue is that the series probably wants to go be an out and out action flick but in order to keep the realism alive – what gullible fools we humans are – it treads on a very fine line.

Fast chases, death defying (not just figuratively) jumps, a few light moments, and a very heavy heart all constitute the Furious 7. List of cars is huge: starting from the usual tuner material to muscle cars, super cars, almost indestructible off-road buggies, and a Lykan that’s made to ‘fly’ (okay, jump) from one building to another in Abu Dhabi, all of which must be a hundred stories high, at the very least.

If you’re reading this before watching the movie, take my word for it, and no matter what happens, don’t miss the cars falling out of a aircraft from a few thousand meters in the sky. It’s all appears a bit unreal, but on most occasions, credibility needs to be shown the door in order to really enjoy Furious 7. But let’s not assume things here, and as unrealistic it may sound, a considerable portion of the stunt where the cars were dropped with a parachute from the carrier was real!

With that set, there’s the scene that follows – a bunch of W220 S Classes and jacked up G-Wagens pursuing the team and sucking at it, but it’s a real nice sight, especially you have a thing for strong German vehicles. The chase continues off-road, before Dominic Toretto (played by Vin Diesel) plummets his specialized off-road Dodge Charger off a cliff. And while he’s doing so, Brian O’Conner (played by Paul Walker) is seen wrestling death and coming out on top, with Letty (played by the equally charismatic as the male duo here, Michelle Rodriguez) saving the former by offering him a helping, erm, spoiler.

They (the team of ‘racers’) then move to Abu Dhabi and make a grand appearance in a range of supercars that include a McLaren 12C, a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Bugatti Veyron, etc., before setting the Lykan flying and eventually falling from a VERY high building. Slightly later in the movie, you would see them going sideways on public roads, Vin Diesel uselessly crashing head-on with Statham (did that once earlier in the movie as well), and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson proving that he’s the human equivalent of a cement girder.

The high point of the film includes the tribute to Paul Walker – all set to leave fans teary eyed, the way he says ‘going old school’ before lowering his R35 GT-R and swiftly moving under a trailer – that’s goosebumps-inducing, almost. And the way Brian O’Conner and Dominic Toretto leave the scene on a very soothing note, symbolising the brotherhood that almost every F&F fan swears by. Until you are reminded that Paul Walker passed away in a terrible crash (involving him, his friend Roger Dumas, and the latter’s Carrera GT) in late 2013.

We all lost a car fan, a very nice human being (from what I’ve been told), and the only guy who complements Vin Diesel’s character in the movie, a bit too early. The movie might be stupid and far from what a car movie should be, but it has to be watched. Because this one’s for you, Paul. Watch it for him. And considering almost half of Paul Walker’s scenes were filmed using computer graphics and doubles, this is an amazing feat in itself.

Also notable is Kurt Russell’s appearance in the movie. For those who don’t know him, he’s a bit of a legend, especially if you’ve watched Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s Deathproof, the action movie that had a couple of good cars and a lot of action, but one that didn’t pretend to be a car movie.

As for Fast and Furious 8, Vin Diesel reportedly dropped a huge hint mentioning that the series will be headed to New York next. With that sorted it’s clear that fans have something to look forward to. Or maybe, we could just find the old DVD of the first ever The Fast and The Furious, and play it all over again.

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