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Features that makes a Car more desirable

Features that makes a Car more desirable

Snapshot: New car buyers busy spending time examining all the technology in the car rather than taking a glance on the mechanics under the bonnet. So which features they are looking for, we have listed some.

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In this technological era, new car buyers spend more time examining all the technology in the car rather than taking a glance on the mechanics under the bonnet. Though, the engine is the main source of power but more important is the convenience of the driver and the occupants, and their interaction with the intelligent system they are in. These are some features that made their way in the auto-industry in the last few years. Though, some buyer might not find them useful looking at the price of the variant and not difficult as well to find a car with most of these features.

Navigation system


This has become a life line to many travellers or else driving would be hard. Knowing where you're going and using a map is even harder when you use it on a smartphone. Now this feature is best suited for people who are bad with directions or people wasting time for cardinal directions and prior preparation for any trip (an old ways of thinking). Nowadays you simply take twenty minutes to awkwardly key in your destination address, then dive on the four lane expressway avoiding traffic to hit the exit when the voice prompt tells you to turn as you're passing it. A great feature to have in a car.


Touchscreen infotainment

A few years ago, a single-DIN or 2-DIN system were very known among the car enthusiasts and we got along just fine without a screen in the centre stack. Though the buttons and knobs were proliferating. Nowadays, in almost every new car, a screen delivers all the important information visually, whether you are using a reverse parking camera, navigation map or seeking a good soundtrack from media source. And this is how we've become adaptive in accessing and regulating audio, our phone, and more. Basically, speaking of the screen, the wider is better — a state of being that is no longer lost on many car manufacturer these days.

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If you've recently bought a new top-spec car or already own a luxury car then there is no chances of loosing a Bluetooth feature in it. Once you properly connect (or pair) your phone with vehicle’s system, the Bluetooth allows a complete wireless access to functions such as phone calls through your vehicle through steering-wheel buttons, a control screen or voice commands. Not to forget that you can even get access to the media as well, but access for videos are not allowed due to safety. Swedish Engineers at Ericsson invented the tech in 1994. Though, the first hands-free Bluetooth in-car connectivity came just a year after the debut of the first mobile phone with Bluetooth in 2000.

Ventilated seats

Hopping into a leather upholstered cabin on a sweltering summer day doesn’t have to be a horrific experience if your car is equipped with ventilated seats. With perforated leather covered over the integrated fans, a stream of cool air will make sure that your bottom doesn’t go on fire when you park your car whole day long under the sun and planning to go back hoe after exhaustive working day. Though, this technology was introduced by Saab around two decades ago and the seat cooling was once initially available only in luxury vehicles. Thankfully, it is now offered in a wide range of cars, where the Korean car manufacturer, Hyundai introduced the technology in the Verna (First in segment).

Cool Glove box

If we put it in simple words, then we can say it’s a glove box with cooling system. It is helpful keep your drink, chocolate, etc., cool while you are on long highway journey or stuck in a city traffic. Usually a little vent is fed from the AC system that can be opened and closed with a knob.

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