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Five popular car myths busted!

Five popular car myths busted!

Snapshot: Several myths around cars continue to persist, despite the increasing general awareness among people. So what is true and what is not we have a look in this article at the top 5 myths and provide an explanation. Let the truth prevail!

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If you think your car requires a warm up everytime you take it for a drive, you are absolutely wrong, because it isn't so. What is widely believed may not be true, in this article we have a look at the commonly believed myths among people around cars. We explain why is it not true and provide explanation for some of these.

A well-equipped hatch is as safe as an SUV

Not true. A hatch with generous amount of safety features is reasonably safe but not as much as an SUV that may have the same equipment. The simple reason for this is that a car that’s heavy carry more force into the collision and is likely to cause more damage to a car of comparatively lesser weight. Also, it’s not just the size but also the relative speeds of the car. So a hatch may be very safe, but keep in mind that safety is relative and there are cars on road that are relatively more safe. Always wear a seat belt!

A manual offers better fuel economy than automatic 

Not true. Manual cars used to be more efficient and it has ceased to be the case with newer generation automatics. So regardless of the technology – AMT / DSG / Torque Converter, an automatic car is more likely to be as fuel efficient as a manual car if not more. In some rare cases you may find that an automatic may offer lesser fuel economy, this would very likely be about only 0.5 to 1.0kmpl less.

With air conditioner, the fuel economy decreases

At low speeds, it is generally the case and you burn more fuel with air conditioner in the 'ON' position. At high speeds however, keeping the windows rolled down causes the fuel efficiency to decrease. Therefore, it’s better to run your car with Air conditioner 'ON' at high speeds when the wind plays an important role, and rolled up windows do add to the fuel efficiency of the car. 

You get more fuel during mornings

Not true. Volume is a function of density, and if the stations had not been maintaining fuel at constant density, you would have technically got more fuel on colder days. A fuel filling machine appears to fill petrol in litres and it is true. However, every petrol filling station nowadays has modern machines that have temperature compensation built into them and you are actually sold energy. So, you do not get more fuel during the mornings or when the temperature is low.

You should warm up your car before running

No, you should not, since most vehicles use fuel injection technology these days. In old days when engines were carburetted there was no way to adjust the air/fuel mixture based on temperature. But with the fuel injection, engines automatically adjust the fuel air ratio and run the engine rich at cold temperature and keeps adjusting as the temperature rises. 

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