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Ford Endeavour Vs Toyota Fortuner Vs Pajero - Detailed Comparison

Ford Endeavour Vs Toyota Fortuner Vs Pajero - Detailed Comparison

Snapshot: Ford Endeavour, Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero are the popular SUVs in India. Here is a detailed comparison between these SUVs. Take a look.

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Driving an SUV in India is great fun because its height gives you a majestic view of the road ahead. When it comes to choosing which SUV to buy, you have to contend with many options. One of the most popular SUVs is the Toyota Fortuner. Toyota has an illustrious history of manufacturing some of the finest SUVs in town. The Ford Endeavour and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport should not be very far behind. Would it not be helpful if we compare the three magnificent SUVs and see which one rules the roads?

Before we go into the descriptive comparison, we shall glance through some of the aspects that merit discussion.


Ford Endeavour

Toyota Fortuner

Mitsubishi Pajero

Price (ex-showroom Delhi, Source – Autoportal)

Rs 28.20 lakhs to

Rs 33.70 lakhs

Rs 27.83 lakhs to

Rs 32.97 lakhs

Rs 28.56 to

Rs 29.93 lakhs


5-cylinder in-Line 3198cc

4-cylinder In-line 2755cc

4-cylinder In-line 2477cc

Road clearance





10.91 to 12.62 kmpl

10.26 to 14.24 kmpl

10.77 kmpl


A glance at the figures above shows that these SUVs are strong rivals. We shall now proceed with comparing the different features of Ford Endeavour, Toyota Fortuner, and Mitsubishi Pajero.


The Ford Endeavour is a magnificent vehicle with its high-density discharge headlamps providing a high degree of illumination. The alloy wheels, the bumper skid plates, and the chrome side indicators along with the LED tail lamp make the Ford Endeavour design a feast for the eyes.

The Toyota Fortuner exteriors reveal a majestic appearance. The front bumper has a bigger air-dam to ensure that the engine cools faster. The multi-spoke alloy wheels and the bright lens-type tail lamps make this SUV an amazing one to look at.  

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The Mitsubishi Pajero design is based on the company’s light pick-up truck with its nose structure lifted straight from its Rally-variant, the Pajero Evo. The chrome-plated grille, door mirrors, and door handles give the Mitsubishi Pajero exteriors a sophisticated appearance.  

Mitsubishi Pajero Exterior


Of the three vehicles, the Ford Endeavour specifications appear the best because of its excellent ground clearance of 225mm. However, it has a high turning radius of 6.2m that makes it a challenge to drive on narrow city roads. 

Compared to the Ford Endeavour and the Mitsubishi Pajero, the Toyota Fortuner specifications are smaller. However, this vehicle comes with a commanding ground clearance of 220mm. The broader look makes it an awesome-looking vehicle with an authoritative road presence. 

The Mitsubishi Pajero specifications indicate that the vehicle is a tall one with a formidable ground clearance of 215mm. In spite of having a length of 4695mm, this vehicle has one of the best turning radii of 5.6m. 


The Ford Endeavour engine with a displacement capacity of 3.2 litres is mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox with 4X4 AWD. The terrain management system ensures that it can ride over any kind of terrain with absolute ease. 

Toyota is renowned for its high-quality engine. The Toyota Fortuner features a 2.8-litre diesel engine mated with a 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. There is a manual transmission variant available as well with the Toyota Fortuner. 

The Mitsubishi Pajero engine is a powerful one with a displacement of 2.5 litres and capable of delivering the power of 178ps and torque of 400Nm. This vehicle works on a Rear Wheel Drive with a 5-speed manual gearbox. 


The Ford Endeavour interiors are as beautiful as its exteriors with premium leather seat upholstery and dual-zone automatic temperature control system. This vehicle comes with rear air-conditioner vents to provide comfort for the second and third-row passengers. Other highlighting features include 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, panoramic sunroof, and 8-way power-adjustable seats to offer the highest degree of comfort and luxury.

Toyota has recently revamped the Toyota Fortuner interiors to make it plush and more comfortable than before. The electrically-adjustable seats help the driver to find the perfect driving position. The reverse camera is a welcome feature that enhances the safety aspect. The instrumentation cluster with the blue backdrop exudes a fantastic feeling, especially at night.

Toyota Fortuner Review

Mitsubishi Pajero interiors indicate that it is a spacious vehicle capable of accommodating seven passengers and their luggage, as well. The versatility stands out, as the second and third-row seats are foldable to provide more space if necessary. The beige leather seats offer maximum comfort while the high-quality infotainment system adds to the luxury aspect. 

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Fuel Economy

The Ford Endeavour mileage is in the range of 11 to 12.5 kmpl. Compared to the Mitsubishi Pajero, it is better, but it pales when you look at the Toyota Fortuner mileage. 

The Toyota Fortuner takes the cake as far as fuel economy is concerned, as one of its five variants is capable of delivering a mileage as high as 14.24kmpl. 

With a performance of 10.77 kmpl, the Mitsubishi Pajero mileage is satisfactory. The 70-litre fuel tank ensures that the vehicle can drive along for more than 700 km on a full load. 

Handling Experience

The Ford Endeavour has different driving modes that make it convenient to handle the roughest of terrain with ease. The new 800mm water wading technology allows the Ford Endeavour to cruise through water-logged roads without any hassle. The automatic variant can touch a maximum speed of 165kmph. Hence, it is a fantastic vehicle to drive on the highways.

Ford Endeavour Exterior

The imposing seating position and the different driving modes available on the Toyota Fortuner make it a dream car to handle on any terrain. 

The rally car designing enables the Mitsubishi Pajero to achieve the 100kmph barrier within 12.45 seconds. The low turning radius allows you to manoeuvre the vehicle beautifully through the city roads. 


Each of these three models is excellent in one way or the other. If handling the Ford Endeavour is easy, the Toyota Fortuner gives an excellent mileage performance. Costs wise, the Mitsubishi Pajero appears to be the best bet. The debate can go on.


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