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Ford Endevour Vs Toyota Fortuner Vs Chevrolet Trailblazer

Ford Endevour Vs Toyota Fortuner Vs Chevrolet Trailblazer

Snapshot: The battle of the middle-class SUVs - Ford Endeavour Vs Chevrolet Trailblazer Vs Toyota Fortuner

​We like imposing and big SUVs, there are no two ways about it. The “We” here is not the majestic plural, but rather a collective one. I mean, we Indians. The Trailblazer became the Chevrolet's official flagship SUV after it replaced the Captiva while the trusted Fortuner from Toyota is a household name among SUV enthusiasts. In the same segment, Ford Endeavour has just been launched in India. All these SUVs have one thing in common – Huge Size. We drove the utterly brawny-looking Endeavour recently and here's a spec comparison of all these SUVs. Let's have a look at how these SUVs stack up.

Ford Endeavour Vs Toyota Fortuner Vs Chevrolet Trailblazer (Design and Exteriors)

The imposing road presence and sheer size of these SUVs is something that you cannot overlook and at the sides, you would notice the huge gap between the tyres and the bodies of all these car, which should give you an idea about the cars' wheel travel and off-road capability. The Trailblazer carries the Chevrolet's trademark split grille and bow tie emblem at front. It is perhaps the only feature that it has retained over generations. There are sharp sweptback headlamps at front which look proportionate and balanced. The rear of the trailblazer is equally impressive to look at, it bears big taillight cluster that gets divided between the main body and tailgate. You also get projector headlamps that helps driving in night. Love it or hate it, the styling of the Trailblazer is old school and it shows through.  

There’s something different about the Ford Endeavour's styling that makes it look very mean and rugged. The large grill that makes almost the complete face of the car is flanked by squarish and sharp headlights. There are strong and sharp horizontal lines that the Endeavour carries with pride. The fog-lights housed in the bumper are squarish too and follow the design theme. On the sides, you are bound to notice the huge wheel arches and huge ground clearance, at 225mm, it's second to Trailblazer which offers 253mm. The rear of the car looks equally butch and the large chrome strip gives the impression as if it is merging into the taillights.

Dimensions and Weights Ford Endeavour Toyota Fortuner Chevrolet Trailblazer
Length 4893 mm 4705 mm 4878 mm
Width 1860 mm 1840 mm 1902 mm
Height 1836 mm 1850 mm 1851 mm
Wheelbase 2850 mm 2750 mm 2845 mm
Ground Clearance 225 mm 220 mm 241 mm

It can be certainly said if you prefer butch looking SUVs, you would feel the styling of the Ford Endeavour more to your taste.

The Fortuner is a good looking car on its own. However, make it stand beside the other two and you would realise that it looks aged, not plain, aged. Just because the design has grown on you and does not come across as fresh as the other two. But that said, it is a stylish car nonetheless. 

Ford Endeavour Vs Toyota Fortuner Vs Chevrolet Trailblazer (Interiors and Features)

The Trailblazer is well-equipped and uses a black and beige interiors scheme with combination of square and round bits that look modern. The steering wheel style and instrument cluster looks inspired from the Camaro. Other features include AC vents for all three rows, leather-wrapped steering, 32 storage compartments located throughout the interior, My Link infotainment system with 6 speakers and a 7inch touchscreen. AUX-in, USB and bluetooth connectivity has been integrated to provide all-round connectivity.

Ford has worked a lot in the interiors department and the result is – Impressive interiors across their all cars. The Endeavour is no different. The instrument cluster and every little bit on the dashboard are new. The design looks uncluttered and squarish which is inline with the exterior styling. It is being said that the glove box on the car would be large enough to swallow a 16-inch laptop and would also come with 240 volt power outlet to charge devices. The top of the line variant is expected to include features like – ABS, EBD, traction control, airbags etc. The latest version of SYNC 2 in-car connectivity system would also finds its place in the car. The SYNC system is expected to use an eight-inch touchscreen integrates the voice command features, navigation system etc. The electric panoramic sun roof and tyre pressure monitoring system is available with the 3.2 litre variant only.

The Fortuner is a well equipped car and comes loaded with features. The seats are comfortable and you get features like touchscreen navigation system with voice recognition, steering wheel mounted controls, reverse parking assist with camera, automatic climate control. In terms of safety features, you get two front airbags, ABS with Stability control. But as with the exteriors, the interiors too, despite being very comfy and welcoming are showing age and in need of a makeover.

Ford Endeavour Vs Toyota Fortuner Vs Chevrolet Trailblazer (Engine and transmission)

The Endeavour is available with a 2.2 litre Duratorq diesel and a 3.2 litre diesel, the latter being a mighty five cylinder motor. The car is available with a 4X4 and 4X2 option which is available with both the engines on offer. The Endeavour also comes equipped with a Terrain Management System which offers four different settings: Normal, Snow/Gravel/Grass, Sand and Rock to take care of all types of terrain. The 4X4 system is also equipped with an electronically lockable rear differential making it one of the most potent off-roader. 

Engine and Gearbox Ford Endeavour Toyota Fortuner Chevrolet Trailblazer
Engine capacity 2.2 litre (D) / 3.2 litre (D) 3.0 litre (D) / 2.5 litre (D) 2.8 litre (D)
Gearbox 5 MT & 6 AT / 6 AT 6 AT and MT / 6 AT and MT 6 AT
Power 160 PS / 200 PS 171 PS / 144 PS 200 PS
Torque  385 Nm / 470 Nm 200 Nm / 110 Nm 500 Nm
Transmission 4X2 and 4X4 / 4X4 4X4 and 4X2 / 4X2 4X2

The Trailblazer that’s being sold elsewhere in the world offers two engine choices – 2.5 litre diesel and 2.8 litre diesel. However, in India, only one engine (2.8 litre diesel) has been made available and the car comes as CBU, which's being imported from Thailand. There's only an option of 4X2 variant, which we think is an oversight on Chevrolet's part considering that there are other cars that offer a 4X4 variant as an option. The longitudinally mounted engine at the front, sends power to the rear wheels using an automatic 6-speed transmission gearbox. With the brief experience that we had with the Trailblazer, it came across as a very capable SUV that can do some serious off-roading too, and that too, despite the lack of a dedicated 4X4 system. However, if you are someone who enjoys extreme off-roading, you should seriously check out Ford Endeavour. 

The Fortuner is available with two engine choices, a 3 litre unit that makes 171 PS and a 2.5 litre that manages to churn a healthy 144 PS. The option of 4X4 is available with the 3 litre engine only, however automatic transmission is available with both the engines. There's an option of 4X4 as well as 4X2 transmission option with the bigger 3 litre engine, however with the smaller 2.5 litre engine, you get 4X2 only.  

Ford Endeavour Vs Toyota Fortuner Vs Chevrolet Trailblazer (Safety)

The Trailblazer offers two airbags, ESP, Hill start and descent control, traction control, ABS with EBD, corner brake control as safety features. The Endeavour offers features like hill assist, ESC (electronic safety program), traction control and seven airbags and is the best car here in terms of safety. The Fortuner offers two airbags, ABS and ESC in terms of safety. You get seat belts for all passengers and child safety locks as standard for all passengers in case of all three cars.


Trailblazer is a well-rounded product, but the lack of an all-wheel drive sytem unlike the other two is indeed glaring. The trusted Fortuner on the other hand is a bit long in the tooth and certainly lacks the charm of the other two SUVs that have been just launched recently. However, it still carry a lot of appeal and has substance and therefore should appeal some of the conservative buyers out there. 

The Ford new Endeavour has had considerable sucess in other parts of the world and with the price at which it is now available in India, it offers great value and comes across as the most capable SUV on offer. There's no reason why we should doubt its inevitable success and it is the winner of this comparison.

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