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Future of Autonomous Cars in Jeopardy?

Future of Autonomous Cars in Jeopardy?

Snapshot: After the death linking Uber’s autonomous car in Arizona self-driving technology development has faced a big jolt.

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As the world automobile sector is working on futuristic mobility solutions, autonomous driving technology and electric powertrain technology are making the most of the headlines. While the possibility of fully self-driving cars is becoming a reality with every passing day, the development process has also created some headlines for all the wrong reasons. The latest one is the death of a cyclist in Arizona in USA by a self-driving car of Uber. This mishap has given the autonomous driving technology a big jolt for sure, as Uber has decided not to renew the self-driving car permit in California.

Uber’s self-driving technology enabled Volvo XC90 is not the only autonomous car in the world that made headlines for the wrong reason. Previously, Tesla cars too were involved in several mishaps and the much talked semi-autonomous driving system of Tesla that is christened as Autopilot was blamed in such incidents. So far, the fully autonomous cars are not operating actively across the world, but the development process has certainly advanced significantly in recent years.

The autonomous cars rely on machine learning artificial intelligence (AI) system aided by an array of radars, sensors and cameras. No wonder, we are living in an era where automation is becoming an increasing technological advancement for the mankind, but one thing we should not forget that machine can malfunction and self-driving vehicles are no different. In this process, the occupants and pedestrians can face grave danger.

The latest event involving the death of a cyclist by an autonomous driving car could be an event that does not happen frequently. But, the event certainly provokes thought about the future and safety of the self-driving cars. While the self-driving technology developing companies and the auto manufacturers across the world are not backing out from the research and development process for the futuristic driverless driving technology, there are needs to inspect the safety of such technology.

Presently, tech companies like Google, Samsung are working on the autonomous driving technology. Automakers like Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, BMW, Ford etc are also working on the technology. We hope they develop the technology with keeping safety as a priority factor.

No wonder, the development of driverless driving technology will help the mankind to save precious time and energy in future. But, the companies should make sure the implementation of the driverless driving technology will be done keeping the safety of the occupants and pedestrians on priority. Only then, the autonomous driving technology will be truly successful.

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