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Get the maximum fuel efficiency out of your car

Get the maximum fuel efficiency out of your car

Snapshot: Get the most out of your vehicle with these tips!

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With rising fuel prices, no wonder everyone goes for the most fuel efficient cars in the market. Apart from the efficiency of the engine, fuel efficiency of any car depends greatly on the driving style and etiquettes of the driver. A car might give a fuel efficiency while one driver is driving and the same car might lose all the efficiency if not driven properly or the gas is being hit more often than required.

Same car can show different personalities depending on the way it is being driven. Every manufacturer puts an ARAI label on their cars. In real world conditions, no car can return the same fuel efficiency as the ARAI label, but it can return somewhat close to the ARAI if driven properly.

We bring you driving secrets, tips and manuals on how to extract maximum mileage from your car. Something which will surely multiply the mileage of your car if followed properly.

Smooth drive, more fuel save

It is rather exciting to slam on the accelerator when the lights turn green and move ahead of everyone else, just to reach at the next traffic signal which has already turned red and waiting for the whole crowd to follow. Well, at the time when your adrenalin levels are taking to another level, other car drivers must be laughing at the stupidity that you just showed, just like the fuel gauge, which will go down with the same pace at which you accelerated your vehicle. Constant accelerations and braking decreases the mileage rapidly. More you push the pedal, more the rpm and more the fuel it needs to take the engine to that rpm. It is always advisable to maintain a steady speed and not to check the acceleration of your car while reaching the steady speed that you intend to maintain. Always be gentle on the throttle and the throttle will in return be gentle to your pocket. Accelerating gently and reaching a speed will increase efficiency instantly.

Turn Off when not needed

Turn the engine off if the red light says more than 20 seconds, or you see a long jam, which is not ending anytime soon. Extensive studies say that together with a light foot on gas and switching off engine when not in need, you can save as much as 20-30% of fuel. Well, now that’s huge saving.

Close the windows

Cars are designed aerodynamically to lower the drag. Open windows increase the drag and hence, lowers the fuel efficiency incredibly. At speeds beyond 60km/h, it is always advisable to roll-up the windows and turn on your Air Conditioner, if needed, else during colder weather, the fans work just fine with the closed windows.

Check Tire Pressure

Rolling friction is the main enemy of your mileage. Higher the pressure in the tyres, lower will be the contact patch and hence, lower the friction! Well, lower contact patch also means lower traction, we do not want to increase the fuel efficiency on the cost of our safety. Maintain optimum tyre pressure, recommended by manufacturer, often mentioned on a sticker on the side of the vehicle or on the tyre itself. Maintaining right amount of pressure always helps in achieving the desirable fuel efficiency.

Gears! Taller the better

Driving a stick? Well, upshift as soon as possible and reach the tallest gear in the car. Tall gears means low rpm at the same speed in smaller gear, lower rpm always translates into better efficiency. Slow and steady wins the mileage race, always!

Maintain your car

Get the regular service done. The moving parts of the car should be well lubricated, which reduces the friction and hence, efforts done by engine to move these parts, increasing the fuel efficiency.

There is no hard and fast rule book to get the most out of your vehicle, but following these tops will surely make your car to return you better mileage.

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