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GoPro designs ReRun app on the new Jaguar F-Type

GoPro designs ReRun app on the new Jaguar F-Type

Snapshot: GoPro's new ReRun app gets featured on the new Jaguar F-Type opening new horizons for track enthusiasts. Now GoPro videos gets overlaid with telemetry data from the car's electronic brain.

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In slightly bigger news the new Jaguar F-Type was unpacked, but what really grows curiosity is the debut of GoPro’s ReRun mobile application. GoPro made lots of fuss about recording high quality videos with its new cameras that will combine real-time performance data in the finished product. And paired with Jaguar’s new Touch Pro infotainment system, which by the way is connected to a Spotify app recommends playlists for you, makes using the GoPro app further more seamless.

Users now have the fidelity to record and share their personalised driving experiences through this new ReRun app created by GoPro Developer Program. A first in the world, ReRun records real-time footage on your GoPro camera from the new F-TYPE and will overlay with key performance data. All this data includes vehicle speed, throttle position, selected gear, braking force, g-force and steering wheel angle. Design team has made animated gauges to display all data parameters thus making your video look more professional, good stuff!

Your phone’s connected to the GoPro wirelessly and to the infotainment system on the new F-Type through USB of course. Pre-installed drivers are then all set to start recording along with performance numerals which are fed directly from the car’s ECU controlled network to the ReRun app. This data is then overlaid to the video in real-time. It also has a unique feature that analyses data to pinpoint highlights like peak cornering and braking forces.

For more freedom and customising videos, ReRun app enables users to extract either the entire video with data highlights included, or just the highlights. And then you can edit it too as per requirements. No prizes for guessing that these high-quality videos can easily be shared through social media channels across the internet to friends, family or any other enthusiasts. “Close collaboration between Jaguar Land Rover’s InControl Apps team and our Developer Program team, ReRun offers outstanding functionality and is intuitive to use”, says Adam Silver, Senior Director of Accessories and Developer Solutions, GoPro.

As of now ReRun is compatible with all new F-TYPE models equipped with InControl Apps across GoPro’s HERO5 Black, HERO5 Session, HERO4 Black and HERO4 Silver camera ranges. Also because it is a global product, the app is available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish languages. With such great features, expect ReRun to trickle across all track models very soon. And why not, performance states will help enthusiasts improves their track driving skills further.